Microsoft Office Apps to come to Symbian Belle.

| November 4, 2011 | 58 Replies

Another advantage of the Nokia-Microsoft deal about 8 months back promised to bring more “Microsoft related support” to the current and future lines of Symbian phones. The first Symbian related advantage from this deal comes in the form of Microsoft Office apps coming to S^3 devices running Belle (apparently showcased at Nokia World 2011) .

This would be the first time that any of these native Microsoft apps are made available outside an ecosystem belonging to Microsoft (I guess they feel safe giving it out to terminal ecosystems). Furthermore these apps are scheduled to be released FREE by the end of the year, and should run as smooth as any native Symbian Belle app.

Microsoft Apps will be launched via two updates, which will bring full Microsoft Office functionality to Symbian Belle-powered Nokia devices such as theNokia 700Nokia 701 and Nokia 603; with the first update on the way before the end of the year and the second update coming in the early part of 2012.

In the first update, Microsoft Apps will bring a range of tools to Symbian Belle smartphones, including Microsoft OneNote, for detailed note-taking; Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast, for showcasing your presentations over the internet; Microsoft Document Connection, for managing files stored in the cloud; and Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile, for staying connected with clients and colleagues.

The second update will launch for Symbian Belle in the first few months of 2012 and is the one we’re most looking forward to. Bringing native support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, the update will allow you to easily create and edit Office files on your Nokia Symbian Belle handset, letting you enjoy full Office functionality on your phone.

Video Via Symbian Tweet (Quite sure this is the first time I see Belle running on an E7 too)

Although it says 700, 701 & 603 I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be available for N8/E7/X7 once they get Belle (But if that were the case you could read it as NOT to expect Belle on your older devices before the end of the year).

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  1. Ronit says:

    I shall look forward to this. But wait.. I don’t have Belle at all for my E7-00!!!

  2. N00-00 says:

    I think I’ve seen a demo of this on a E7 running Belle

  3. Irving says:

    Sounds like a sweet deal to me

  4. wes? says:

    Is this Office version is written in Qt? This suggests that somehow at least Qt and/or Symbian will live on. They wouldn’t port Office to a platform that doesn’t live on for quite some time with a big sales volume. But somehow I guess it’s not Qt, because then Office would work on Linux powered devices as well. Sounds extremly unlikely to me…

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Well it would make sense to publish it to a dead OS cause you have nothing to fear. I mean giving it to iOS or android would be crazy but to Symbian– it doesn’t pose a threat to their ecosystem so they’re fine with it. But like NOKIA making their offline maps available to iOS and Android I felt that was a bit strange, giving your competitors access to your strongest asset…just my 2 cents.

      • P says:

        Yep, still think NOKIA maps and nokia drive, should only be available for Nokia devices. You want a world class map app and sat-nav, buy a Nokia. Simples.

    • migo says:

      No, the idea is to get people on Symbian hooked on Microsoft Office so when it’s time to upgrade they consider a Nokia Windows Phone.

      iOS already has OneNote.

    • Average Joe says:

      I think it’s more probable that it’s something web-based like Google docs.

    • Prasenjit Bist says:

      Its silly u are asking a question and then making ur own assumption. no its not in Qt.

  5. Janne says:

    This Office deal with Noki and Microsoft is from, what, 2010. During OPK’s era and way before Elop. We are now just seeing the end-result…

  6. whatever says:

    thanks to opk?

  7. Stefke says:

    Sorry, but Office has been promised with the previous deal with MS, in 2005

  8. Ali Abdulla says:

    what about vid call in skype? aint that microsoft too?

  9. Kaizer Allen says:

    I guess the update coming before the end of the year would be the Symbian Carol, and the first quarter update would be the Symbian Diana? Umm, names are made up. Of course.

    • N00-00 says:

      I think MS is talking about their app update and not the Symbian update.. Symbian C* is for first-half of next year (not completely sure) as Symbian Belle will be distributed to the existing Symbian^3 (& Anna) devices throughout this quarter..

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Doubt it, doesn’t seem like Belle is even coming before the end of the year & Carol (according to wikipedia it is carol) doesnt even exist yet….

  10. meong says:

    another great news let’s hope we get it before 2012 a.k.a end of the world lll.

  11. stylinred says:

    as discussed alreay

    this was a deal made before the WP7 decision/merger

    shame the BOD didn’t give OPK enough time…. the changes he made have been paying off even though they’ve been massively hindered

    what a shame

    • N00-00 says:

      True.. The last 6months have shown how that 2-3yr plan Nokia undertook in 2009 is finally coming to fruition..

      Really sad…

    • jiipee says:

      If Nokia has been slow implementing stuff, MS/Elop has not been any faster ;)

      I hope that they are faster with WP…

      • migo says:

        Completely false. Since Elop has arrived the time from announcement to release of a product has been significantly shortened, to the point that there’s still some anticipation for it when it releases instead of losing all steam.

  12. doraemon22 says:

    next symbian anna,^3, and if possible S60. hopefully

  13. Oh Hei says:

    Such great news! I am really excited to install this on my N8 as QO is absolutely atrocious!

    What’s sad is, there are many (according to several posts over the past few months) Symbian users who despise the Nokia Microsoft alliance; so much so that they will probably not dare install a Microsoft product on their beloved Symbian device. They would rather pay for Picsel, instead of using the superior Office suite by Microsoft.

    Oh well, choice is good, right?

  14. feezAAxix says: about N9 meego.

  15. Johnny Tremaine says:

    Skype (now part of Microsoft) video chat functionality would be even more welcome.

  16. Ole says:

    Smart businiss move by MS. If symbian users start to use MS Office on their phone they are more likely to transition to WP as WP is the only other phone OS with MS Office. Bait, hook and sinker!

  17. Arbegla says:

    Am I the only that would pick up an E7 after the Belle update comes to it officially? The E7 design is just too gorgeous not to go for especially what it is priced at these days and the fact that I’m very happy with the Belle update running on my N8. I just wish it had an FM transmitter and an AF camera. …..Sigh…. the world isn’t perfect.

    • Diego says:

      Just to tell you, i have a E7, and today i see N8 as a better deal, here some reasons… no 2mm charger, camera sucks (cant even read QR codes) no fm transmitter, no handwrist, (and at least in BR variation its not gorilla glass) cant flash belle on it btw

      and if u are used to type on screen the keyborad isnt that much necessary, except by some shortcuuts possible like ctrl+c, ctrl+v etc…

      N9 will be my last nokia for a while, then i will look for a asus padphone to compare the experience

      dont waste ur money with an E7 if u already have ur n8 working properly, try something new like Xperia arc or GSII

      • Arbegla says:

        Ehhh, not really a big fan of Android either, GSII is just meh to me honestly, nothing special about it. I’d rather have a nicely designed phone over crazy specs that aren’t put their full use. I’d rather have the Lumia with WP instead or the N9.

  18. Jorge Arturo says:

    Well Actually Microsoft promised a Microsoft Office Suite for Symbian two years ago, back then Elop was in Office and actually shake hands with Nokia people, that promise still not true, it was supposed to be for the N97

  19. shumaima says:

    where i can get ms office for nokia 500. please guide me

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