Updated Nokia Store Look + Increase in Download Limit.

| November 4, 2011 | 18 Replies

If you head over to you’ll find that there’s been a couple changes to the layout, mainly moving all the categories to left side of the screen rather than having them cluttered up below the featured app. This new design does make it much simpler to navigate through the site and gives it a more professional look. However I can’t help but feel it looks quite a bit like the Android Market where the categories are on the left along with a bunch of ‘featured apps’ showing up alongside.


One thing I expected to see was a change to the new “Nokia Blue Color” that seems to have taken over all Nokia sites as well as their phone boxes, future changes I guess? Or maybe Nokia Store will get the ‘Metro UI’ treatment just like Nokia Conversations?

Another new change is the Re-Download limit policy for paid apps, Nokia original limit was a measly 3 times per account/purchase after which you’d have to purchase the app again. This was extremely annoying for those of us who constantly flashed and updated their phones and had to download the apps again. Later on Nokia upped the limit to 5, and just last week it’s been upped once again to Ten Re-Downloads before having to purchase again, basically that gives us a bit more flexibility when it comes to hard-resetting our phones or flashing them; no fear of losing our beloved Gravity.


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  • Jay Montano

    Oh Hurrah, 10 redownloads. -_- Why there is even a redownload limit, I don’t know. And something as arbitrarily low as 5-10? Especially when you have to keep hard resetting devices to keep them fresh and nible. Oh well, it least it’s a positive. That might mean i can reinstall Sims 3

    • P

      Jay, you’ve got to hand it to Nokia though. Everything about them recently shows, they are serious about matching upto the competition. Whether it by by symbian belle, wp7 devices, s40 asha devices, dual-sim phones, better websites, marketing and advertising. Im only 21, but been following nokia, and bough nokia devices since i was 14. And for the first time ever, Nokia to me, seems to be on the right track, and people are talking about Nokia again. The was even on sky news or abc news the other day 😀

      • Aliqudsi

        I know people are gonna slam me for saying this, but whats the point of having a nice store if there are very few quality apps, I’ve had Android on my Touchpad for about 3 weeks and I’ve had over 60 apps updated already, several for the same app. For Symbian the only apps that have ever been update are Gravity, Fmobi, Borg, and Whatsapp hardly anything else.

        • P

          MMM ive always had an issue with the quality of symbian apps or rather the lack of. Which is why wp7 or meego seems to be a better option for Nokia. But I was trying to say, overall, Nokia seem to be heading in the right direction. I think, and others would surely agree with me, that Nokia is in a better position, than say two or one year ago?

        • Nrde

          What kind of problems are you having with your Symbian programs?

  • munemune

    I think that is to stop you to download software to others phone,as all people download and use one acount,by the way,China acount has’t been limit

    • dr_zorg

      What about people like me (certainly a minority) that have dozens of phones?

      Admittedly buying the apps again isn’t a problem money-wise, but it’s a damn hassle for sure having to search for them all again.

      On the other hand, 10 is better than 3, so no further complaints..

  • mawire

    Thanks for yo change in layout too. I can view the comments easily than than the first days you went wordpress

  • looks pretty good

  • Detroll

    I gotta say this is all opk effort. Anything that helps Nokia in a positive way cannot be attributed to elop the micro and soft balmier.

  • D M

    Do I see metro style square icons. Thought they should be Anna or Belle icons rounded corners.

    Having a strange feeling that Microsoft already bought Nokia and everything going metro style. Just my opinion.

    • Aliqudsi

      Nah, the apps have been lined up like that forever, Ugly if you ask me. But I’m pretty sure there are some sort of laws that ban secret buying of companies or something…

    • i like anna & belle icon. i think is quite interesting

  • Vignesh V
    • dsmobile

      that model is for operator in china. Cheap N8 look a like 🙂

  • Paulo Oliveira

    Nokia Store completely sucks!!!

    I frankly can’t understand what kind of programmer can develop a so badly algorithm for a website that display duplicate apps in the same page…

    I also frankly can’t understand what kind of COMPANY can publish a so buggy appstore and DO NOTHING for months (oooops, for YEAR — see below)!!! (More than two years old article reporting the same problems that the store has today!)

    Nokia Store = Epic Fail Store

    • Paulo Oliveira

      *…(oooops, for YEARS – see below)!!!

  • Ery