Nokia already Working on Lumia 800 update!

| November 4, 2011 | 117 Replies

From all the recent Lumia 800 reviews that were published in the past week one ‘Flaw’ that was consistent between different bloggers opinions was the failure of Nokia to include 3G tethering as well as NFC into their beautiful brainchild. Nokia has already gone on record sayingthat they are Already working on an update that will bring tethering to their WP devices, and that the delay was due to FCC regulations in the USofA:

“Microsoft takes very seriously meeting (and exceeding) the requirements outlined by agencies such as the FCC in the USA. They felt it was really important to fully address the concerns raised by recent FCC regulations before enabling this feature and are optimistic they can deliver on these requirements though a software update and are working diligently on that now.



As for the lack of NFC it’s basically because WP does NOT support it in the first place . Nokia apparently held back on NFC (possibly Frontal Camera as well) as ‘not to overload the device with useless items that would drive up the price’.

“Our ambition is to create the best possible consumer experience, based on the capabilities of the platform and what we believe offers a genuine opportunity to bring value to Nokia users everyday. It is possible to cram a phone with features that users don’t want or use and the end result is a compromise somewhere else, in cost, size or absence of alternative features. For features not currently supported by Windows Phone such as NFC or dual SIM we are working with our partner Microsoft to determine the top priorities for future iterations of the platform.”

**Random thought- I see alot of people complaining that WP devices (lumia included) are underpowered and their processors are a joke, fact is that unlike Android; WP limits the amount of ram eaten up by background processes to ~10MB or so and that’s only apps that are using active resume, while android apps can use up to 32~50 MBs while minimized which is why they require dual core steroid pumped processors. ~Just a thought.


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  • Spencer Davies

    Thanks for the update. Appreciated.

    I was considering getting this phone as an upgrade from my HTC Desire HD but was really put off by the lack of tethering.

    For me it’s either a Galaxy Nexus which I feel is very much overpriced for what it is or I can spend £400 on an Lumia 800.

    My only concern is now porting experience with contacts. Does windows phones import google mail contacts?

  • Rob Mac

    Yes, It syncs fully with Google Mail, Calendar and Contants

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