‘Ovi Music Player’ becomes ‘Nokia Music Player’

| November 4, 2011 | 6 Replies


I’m not sure how many of you actually use Nokia/Ovi music player but personally I use it transfer music to my phone as well as Metadeta collection for tracks. Overall it’s a ‘decent’ app in my opinion even though it does take ages to start-up, Nokia has pushed out a new update to version 2.5.11021 which doesn’t seem to change a whole lot except the name, which is all part of Nokias rebranding scheme to  get rid of the ‘ovi’ name.


Problem is this update seems to have ‘broken’ the player for me, as it no longer starts up. I keep running into an endless error loop between ‘Nokia Multimedia Component Installer’ and ‘Nokia Multimedia Component Uninstaller’. I tried uninstalling the player completely but still no effect, so i’m not sure if it’s a corrupt installer file or my computer is just acting screwy. Was anyone able to  get this update up and running???


EDIT: One of our readers ‘N8’ tipped us sown below that to get it working firs uninstall “Ovi Music Player” as well as “Nokia Multimedia Common Component” then run the installer file (select to install all files)~ May or may not require reboot. Cheers.

*Good News- After getting it to work, it quite obviously opens up MUCH MUCH faster no more waiting a full minute before it starts.



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  • N9
  • N8

    Yes I was able to fix it. What I did was I restarted my system and then uninstalled OVI Player followed by the multimedia components. Then I downloaded the Nokia Player and installed including the multimedia component and it worked like a charm. Hope this works for ya…

    • Aliqudsi

      Wohooo got it to work, thanks- will update the post.

  • Youngwolf

    I have had a smooth transition to Nokia Music Player. No errors whatsoever and it takes even less time to start up after the update.

  • Sun Down

    Nokia Music Player… Not really a smooth ride with the Ovi version, so I’ll be cynical. Anyway, sticking to Zune for now.

  • removal ovi name huh?