Nokia N9 for pre-order in Philippines – free MD-310 NFC-BT Wireless music receiver (limited offer)

| November 5, 2011 | 38 Replies

Kamusta Pilipinas! Folks in the Philippines are now able to pre-order the Nokia N9 in the Philippines. This handset is exclusive to Smart. Philippines was one of the countries we saw added to the N9 availability list, and here it is now officially in the Philippines. You also get a MD-310 – ignoring the awful name, it’s actually a very useful wireless music receiver, so you can turn any stereo to receive songs played back from the phone. PLUS it’s via NFC, so it’s even simpler pairing. During one of the audio Q&A sessions, we were told in direct line of site this has a connectivity distance of 170 METRES.

Thanks @arvi06, @ph_eagle and everyone else for the tip!

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  1. Arwin says:

    nice.. pero mahal ata to.. .. gusto ko p namn nito.

  2. N9 says:

    That does it I’m moving to the Pilipines :D

  3. Ash says:

    Yup, this was up on the site since yesterday morning I think. The problem here is it’s tied to Smart postpaid plans and I’m not going to jump in just to get the phone. Greenhills is my only hope now, better check it out there because when you visit the Nokia store they will tell you it’s coming in December pa.

  4. arvi says:

    Nokia Philippines official fan page that the N9 will be in stores by November 15. I hadn’t yet confirmed if it is unlocked.

  5. Stound says:

    I saw allot of americans here lately :P maybe there here to get the n9 haha

  6. richard says:

    yey… gusto ko din ng openline… wala kasi 3g at mabagal smart internet dito samin e,,,

  7. gaurav saini says:

    when is it coming to India…..

    India is the biggest market for Nokia

    people here prefer Nokia above any other brand
    just poor advertising and lame sponsorships are harming Nokia here…

  8. xyberxy says:

    smart sucks !!!

  9. I can troll too says:

    N9 is shit.

    i cant see myself offering it to anybody but geeks.

    any non techie that buys this piece of garbage is going to be frustrated by the lack of apps general shittiness

    especially since your going to have to pay quite a fortune for this.

    i think releasing this is a huge mistake, ppl who buy this without being informed on its major pit falls is going to hate nokia.

    • N00-00 says:

      This is for people who aren’t crazy about apps or games on phones.

      If this has pitfalls, the others have bigger one… :-)

      • “This is for people who aren’t crazy about apps or games on phones.”

        so its a glorified feature phone? cool bro.

        • N9 says:

          Ok care to enlighten-me on what I’m missing on my N9?

          Dropbox- check
          mail- Check
          facebook and all other social things -check check
          spotify- check
          games- check check check check check
          wifi hotspot- check
          document reader – check
          3d maps- check
          radio app- check
          skype- check

          wonderful UI/UX -check
          fantastic body that makes sense with the UI- check

          really and this is onest what ground braking apps am I missing out????

    • Doffen says:

      Good trolling. In fact the N9 is perfect for people not very interested in apps. It covers the basics nicely and is easy to used. This is an accomplishment taking in to consideration that it at the same time has geek appeal.

  10. Sitbaddog says:

    I’m from Manila and I’m telling you, this isn’t a good deal. The carriers here are greedy and don’t really subsidize phones.

    • anonymous says:

      tama… hindi katulad sa US or any other countries na talagang bababa ang price… dito mmahal na kapagkinompute mo tapos pangit pa services…

      biglang nagkalat ang tagalog sa comment section… XD …

  11. BellGo says:

    ..Only now is it going to some of the countries..?

    So the N9 takes 3-4(+) months to go from eFlops house to the consumers, but the Lumia 800 takes a few weeks..

    Seems fair, right?

    • N00-00 says:

      N9 is manufactured at Nokia’s factories, so it follows the usual Nokia time line..

      I think 800 & 710 are the ones manufactured by Compal…

  12. Keist says:

    i’d rather buy the iphone 4s than this. at least the iphone has dual core and one million games while this thing don’t.

  13. Disgruntled nokia fan says:

    I’m not happy with this coz it’s lock with smart. they’re the worst telco in the philippines.

  14. red says:

    i already preordred one, i have an xperia but i
    L <3 V E nokia more :)

    kaso ang MAHAL haha, ayun, gusto ko talaga haha

  15. jeprox says:

    why smart? gaaahhh!!!!

    saw and held a demo phone of N9 at the ‘jump’ center in megamall cyberzone.. finally had a hands-on with it.. and it’s really beautiful! i want n9!

    but i guess i’ll wait for symbian belle update first for my n8 before i decide.. i dunno.. LoL.. specially i read somewhere (most probably in nokia connect) that there’s already an fm app for n9.. that was the game changer for me.. haha

  16. Yoyo Ma says:

    Tempted to make the family get it for me. Just few things hindering that idea though:

    1.) Want the White, in 64GB
    2.) P5,500/mo is roughly $125/mo. WTF would pay that much for a line?

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