Bonfire night! Nokia sketchbook for best Nokia firework photos (testing out MyNokiaBlog flickr)

| November 5, 2011 | 7 Replies

Hey guys, it is Bonfire night tonight in the UK. It’s not really a holiday but it’s a pretty awesome night on the calendar as there’s fireworks everywhere.

I thought it might be cool if you guys shared some fireworks photos you guys have snapped on a your Nokia – or something Nokia related. It doesn’t have to be from tonight, just fireworks and Nokia related photo (from Nokia cam or maybe sparkler Nokia drawings?)

You can share your picture by uploading it to any image site online and leaving it as a comment, or you could try out the Flickr Page that just got made. We’ll be doing more things with that in future, this is just a test to try out how flickr groups work (yes, I’ve never used one before – any tips folks?).

The best photo gets this Nokia sketchbook. An actual sketchbook thingy that’s branded Nokia, which I thought was pretty cool.

The inside has a diagram on how to make a paper plane.


It’s quite thick, there are a fair few pages inside.

I’ll pick a top 5 or so depending if people actually bother to post up photos. Either you guys can then decide on the winner, or I’ll pick one and contact that person and mail off their Nokia sketchbook.

Stay safe with the fireworks folks! I’ve seen some really nice firework shots taken with the N8. Hope to see them here. 🙂

Let’s say, er, a week or two to come share your Nokia photos? I think we’ll then do this on a monthly thing where we’ll pick the best photos for a particular month (and find some Nokia related swag to give away). Not sure how to go about this so open to discussion.


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  • zhi

    I’m in the UK but i didn’t know tonight was Bonfire night :'(

    • dip86

      Remember remember the 5th of November!

      • Michael Faro-Tusino

        Of gun powder, treason and plot

      • Zhi

        My bad, haha >.<
        Gonna try taking some pictures with my N8 tonight!!

  • Looking forward to see the fireworks

  • Aliqudsi

    Only firewirks they ever have in Jordan is on the days the Highscool grades come out… and its all the crappy over the counter kind.

  • Bashed

    Sadly, my N8 is at Vodafone being repaired again, so although I’m going to the local display, I won’t be taking any decent pics with an N8. I will take my N97 [spare phone] though and see what I can do.

    Good idea to have the flickr group, can I put all my N8 pics in there?

    Group tips;

    1: It might be a good idea to restrict who can join, to prevent non Nokia related items being posted. [You can set who can join, a good way is to use the “switch to invite only” option and ask people what their member name on MNB is, then you should only get genuinely interested people] it can be a nightmare keeping things tidy once you get a lot of members, which leads me too…

    2: Set a posting limit. 5 per day is good. This stops spamming, without a limit, people can [and do] literally post hundreds of photo’s at a time, this is frustrating for the people who posted just before as their pictures won’t get seen and if those hundreds are spam pictures from a Samsung troll it could take a long time to delete them, limiting to 5 per day will make the spamming problem a lot easier to deal with.

    3: Make a couple of Moderators, if there are willing volunteers. This is the second level of admin and they will help keep on top of the spam/incorrect photo problem. 1 mod per hundred members is good.

    4: Describe your group. There are millions of groups on flickr, some get used, some don’t. In order to get members/usage groups need to be found, the more you use the admin features, the easier it is to get found, this includes the description. Flickr search is a bit like google, it puts the most relevant stuff near the top.

    5: Ask your members to use a tag – “MNB” for instance – this makes the pictures stand out from any other Nokia pictures/groups. People can follow the tag which will lead to the group. If someone sees a good MNB members picture elsewhere on flickr [another Nokia related group for instance] they will see the tag and, once clicked, should lead them to your group.

    6: there are some tips from flickr in the admin page.