Nokia N9 Update available? v20.2011.40-4 (Update – Changelog)

| November 8, 2011 | 168 Replies

Screenshot by @psychomania666

We got an email from Juho saying that there is a 200mb update available for the Nokia N9.

I wasn’t sure whether to post it based on that alone, but a search on twitter shows up that screenshot above as well as a few other users rejoicing in the availability of an update.

Oh, in the time it took to jot this post down, Juho quickly emailed us a pic to confirm the update too on his N9. He says that’s his business phone (possibly hence the blur).


Changelog from Yvonne:

Hi all,


just to inform you that we have now started to publish PR1.1 update for N9 (software update version number 20.2011.40-4). The updates are published in waves and your phone will display a notification once it’s available for you.


Some of the new features include:

  • NFC tag reading to instantly interact with NFC tags
  • Music controls on lock screen
  • Photo and video shooting with color filters: black & white, sepia, vivid, negative, solarize
  • More powerful multitasking with improved memory handling
  • Swype for fast typing
  • Faster MfE synch, synchronizing only active folders
  • Noice cancellation reduces background noise so that your friends hear you better
  • Close apps easily with swiping down, this now on by default
  • New indicators for standby screen like charging and calendar
  • etc


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  • Sry to all the australians who are waiting out there.

    Vodafone HQ has informed me that the update will only be released early december for testing and late december for official releasing.

    • Derek

      It’s listed on the nokia australia website as available so i would think it’s coming soon. Especially those that bought from nokia australia at retail.

      • My phone is from Vodafone HQ in sydney, but yeh I do hope it is sooner than Dec

      • dpr

        My phone which I bought from expansys-usa is the australian product. Atleast the box says that. But still I don’t see any update yet.

    • Gen
    • MadnessN9

      in Aus have the OTA update now, sick!

  • SA Boy

    Can one change the product code on the N9 to ‘force’ the update. Vodacom SA is here in South Africa is very slow in releasing updates.

  • ukko

    I updated my 64gb N9 night before yesterday. Update it self went fine… took quite long time though. But now I feel that battery usage is increased and battery will drain bit faster now than before the update.

    • Go through your settings and make sure that some things that you had turned off are not now on by default. Check screen brightness, bluetooth, NFC, notifications, etc., etc.

  • ProyectHunter

    Is possible to make videocalls after this firmware upgrade?

  • oli

    Still no updates in Singapore where N9 was introduced 🙁

  • john

    NZ still no update!!! bought from vodafone though, i don’t think it will matter in nz 🙂

  • I wasn’t sure whether to post it based on that alone, but a search on twitter shows The updates are published in waves and your phone will display a Especially those that bought from nokia australia at retail. Reply

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  • joeg

    I purchased my N9 from Virgin Mobile in Melbourne Australia and no update here either. I have contacted Nokia several times as their is an update shown on the Nokia Australia website but Nokia keep telling me it all has to do with the product code your phone has and the version and that as yet not available in Australia yet.

    I find this extremely frustrating as I mentioned to Nokia why have an available update showing on the Australian website when it’s not available.

  • dave

    In australia got the OTA update on the 21/11/11.
    facebook no longer gets feed updates on feed screen, facebook app doesnt connect either. But i can chat on Facebook within messages. Is there a bug report for this update?

  • joeg

    The N9 update came through today. All updated and installed successfully.

  • Simon

    Still no update for me…have been patiently waiting fo rthis update to rectify the Mail for Exchange bug that needs you to disable the account and then re-enable it to allow you to synch again.

    Pretty basic flaw, quite annoying to go through, but at least it has slowed down the numbers of times a day I synch my emails when away from the office or on weekends :-p

    Upside to everything I guess.

    Would be good to upgrade your phone when you feel like it though, instead of waiting for slow networks to approve something. Have been working with GSM modems in devices for nearly 15 years now and having the ability to load up whatever FW you want on those devices and not your own personal phone is most annoying.

    End of rant I guess 🙂


    • incognito

      Have you tried updating it through the NSU? Mine refused to show any OTA updates, but the NSU suggested the update right away.

      … of course, I flashed it afterwards many a time, so if you’re inpatient that also is an option.

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