Update: Qt 4.7.4 for Symbian and Qt Quick Components 1.1 for even better looking/running Symbian/Apps

| November 8, 2011 | 56 Replies

The Qt Blog says Qt Quick Components is now updated to v1.1 for Symbian.

This update is part of a new release for Anna and Belle, containing Qt 4.7.4 Qt Quick 1.1 and Qt Quick Components 1.1 for Symbian. This enables quick UI design and development for Qt apps.

Qt blog says Qt 4.7.4 is a big release for Qt devs.  There are big changes in how graphics resources are managed in the default OpenVG graphics system used by Qt applications. Furthermore, there’s introduction of opt-in OpenGL ES based graphics systemto wider use with better resource management. Specifically this optimises for scarce GPU memory and have better graphics memory releasing schemes when applications are moved to background. Result? Stopping and starting Qt apps will supposedly be smoother.

More on the UI, , Qt Quick Components 1.1 and Qt Quick 1.1 modules provide the biggest improvements. Split screen keyboard view will be more consistent and widespread. There will also be other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Qt 4.7.4 also enables the new Symbian Belle features like the new iconic toolbar support.

The Qt 4.7.4 release bundle contains


Qt Quick Components 1.1 for Symbian introduces new features:

  • Right-To-Left support enabling a layout mirroring (eg. text and icons) for Right-To-Left languages
  • Split-view input replaces the full screen virtual keyboard with the more user friendly partial screen virtual keyboard
  • Input Context gives access to software input panels’ size and visibility
  • Inverted Style provides an alternative style for the Qt Quick Components with inverted colors

and it brings new useful components:

  • Label ensures a convenient way to provide body text and links using platform’s default font and color
  • SearchBox provides a search bar functionality for progressive search with a search input field and a search icon
  • PageStackWindow brings “all essentials in one” (a StatusBar, the page navigation and a ToolBar) with platform’s look and feel
via @qtbynokia,  ReTweeted by @ltomuta/ Cheers also to Foo for the Qt 4.7.4 tip.



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  • Nrde

    Graphics memory optimizations is a welcome addition. When graphics memory is exhausted it stalls the whole phone until it’s swapped out. Luckily it doesn’t happen too often.

    • Bosh

      It does on my N8, and a few others that have posted that problem with the N8 (like “out of memory” error while playing a just recorded 5 minutes video).

      Anyway, I don’t want to troll much. It’s good to see that updates keep comming. Waiting for Belle 😀

      • Arts

        me 2. =( why couldt they just future proof the phone =.= arghhhhh.

      • H0r5t.Gu3nth3r

        BETA Fuckshit…

        Never Fix a running system!!!!

        i make a big Party if BELLE rolling out and running on my N8 but i think it makes more Problems instead of Fix the old Problems in Symbian Anna

  • Shamal

    belle must be coming soon 🙂

  • aleci

    Nokia is still investing on their Qt considering they’ll be killing Symbian, no successor to the N9 and WP has no plans to adopt Qt.

    • Viipottaja

      Well, 1) Symbian will continue at least through 2016 2) Qt is coming to S40 and perhaps the Meltemi project 3) who knows what future brings 4) Qt is used outside of Nokia products as well.

    • krisq

      I can bet that successor to N8 will still sport Symbian.

      • MacAodh

        Hope so anyway

    • Keizka

      Pray tell, why can’t they use Qt for example in Apollo? What they don’t plan YET might change in the future.

  • jill

    Sexy !!

  • Kobus Nell

    Ooooh, inverted style. This sounds promising… Well, anything Qt sounds fantastic.

  • yemko

    Nice update, gotta check it

  • stylinred

    viva OPK ?

    stupid BoD


    it seems like a quite big update, hopefully they can add split screen to the store client now.

  • Shaun

    The other big change is that MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 is no longer an ‘experimental’ target.

    Big day for the N9 with PR1.1 and Qt SDK updates I think I’ve downloaded almost 1.5GB.

  • Danyal gerard

    How can I download it for n8 ?

  • Alex Kerr

    It’s worth reading the QT blog entries Jay links to above. Couple of things caught my eye there:

    1.) “Qt is in firmware from Belle onwards” then they also say “Qt has become integral part of Symbian software stack. Thus it is also necessary to have it as a part of the firmware rather than in more volatile user memory (C:-drive).”
    Does that mean people will have more C: drive space free with Belle installed (e.g. on N8)? I assume firmware storage is not C: drive but something separate?

    2.) “The last new UI feature worth mentioning is the TV-out support in Qt 4.7.4. When using TV-out, this feature makes possible to use TV display as an independent screen rather than just clone of the device screen. Applications can provide different control view on device screen and a presentation mode with larger resolution on the TV-out display. It works with devices with either analog 3.5mm composite video output or HDMI output.”

    Am I right in thinking this is pretty significant? Surely reading that, it means for example the Microsoft Office we are getting free in the new year to Belle devices, could run at full HD 720p resolution, with a 720p UI, and with a USB keyboard and mouse, fully replace a desktop PC. Also Opera Mobile at 720p, and would 3D games be able to render at 720p?

    If this is all true (not sure, please correct me if I’m wrong!) then quite exciting! Hopefully software will consider supporting the new high res TV out mode…

    • Alex Kerr

      By the way, I assume Nokia BigScreen is an earlier demo of this new highres screen TV out mode, as it renders a UI at full 720p HD res.

      • It is NOT a “new mode” and BigScreen was NOT written in Qt.

        Developers could already create apps that use HDMI 720p as another screen showing different content on both phone screen and TV at the same time from day 1 of the Nokia N8 release. There have always been apps and content for it even before BigScreen (and also the complete Source Code so other developers can check it out and create their own apps) and it does not require Qt.

        However, at least until now, there has not been much interest for this as the only phones with HDMI-out as of today are the Nokia N8 and the E7.

  • Bloob

    Still no support for adjusting volume in Audio or SoundEffect components for Symbian T_T

    • Oleg Derevenetz

      Are you sure? There is a rw “volume” property at least in Audio QML element, it 100% works in Qt 4.7. Tested personally by me 🙂

      • Bloob

        It works on desktop, not in Symbian ( at least according to documentation / emulator ).

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          Did you tried it on real Symbian device? It works. I do not see anything in documentation claiming that it shouldn’t work. It may not work in emulator (not tested by me), but this should be an emulator problem.

    • Oleg Derevenetz

      BTW, SoundEffect component have the same property – the only difference that SoundEffect behaviour was not tested by me yet 😛

  • spacefreak

    How to download for n8?

    • SLAYER

      update the qt sdk

  • reptile

    Is PinchArea new in Qt Quick? I was thinking about trying to develop an application using the pinch to zoom, but originally couldn’t find support for it in the qml api…

    • Oleg Derevenetz

      Yes, it was available in Harmattan and now should be available in Symbian as well (as a part of QtQuick 1.1).


    It seems that we’ll see the end of the (annoying) smart installer

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Nonetheless, hope is the last to die, and, as such, I really hope that this is the case.

      • MoritzJT

        Indeed you’ll be correct on this one.

        Considering QT4.8 beeing the latest release ever for the Symbian platform with no succeeding QT releases (QT5 wont be on Symbian) beeing baked into the firmwares, one could think that would make the smartinstaller obsolete. But the storeteam told me that there are no plans on dropping this way. We discussed a few changes to the repo checks that will speed up things, also having the smartinstaller locally available and pulling the direct installers.

        But there will always be devices that are Qt enabled but do not yet have QT baked into their ROMs. So Smartinstaller will be a fixed thing in the Symbian Qt world.

        • Andre C

          “QT5 wont be on Symbian”

          Have they actually confirmed that? Could you provide any links, please.

          The last time I read about Qt 5, they said they’ll focus mainly on windows, linux and mac, but they never said they won’t support symbian.

          This is the only link I have:

          • MoritzJT

            Sure I’ll grab out the slides as soon as I find them. They said so effectively at Qt Developer Days in Munich in October… I was there. Symbian will stay on 4.8

            • Andre C

              That’s not very comforting to hear, but at least it’ll get 4.8.

              So I guess you’re a developer then, right?

              • MoritzJT

                Sort of getting used to Qt. They introduced it during my studies, so I’m still new to Nokia Qt Stuff…

              • N00-00

                4.8 for Symbian isn’t finalized yet. I’m not sure if that will be added for Symbian releases.. From what I know 4.7.4 may well be the last release for Symbian (for the moment atleast)..

                “Your question about Qt 4.8 is rather theoretical at the moment as this release isn’t supported for Symbian at the moment.”
                Check the comment (by Aleksi on 16:20, 17 October 2011 (EEST)) on this article:

                • MoritzJT

                  Just wait for me to find those damn slides. It clearly said that the last version of Qt that will be ported for Symbian is Qt 4.8.x

                  It was asked and answered during Qt Dev Days and Lars presentation!

    • Andre C

      Look what I found:

      “Qt is in firmware from Belle onwards

      For Symbian Belle users the Qt 4.7.4 bundle is available in the firmware. In fact, this is the first time Symbian devices have Qt as part of the firmware (ROM). One reason for this is that more and more Nokia -provided device applications themselves will be dependent on Qt. Because of the dependency, Qt has become integral part of Symbian software stack. Thus it is also necessary to have it as a part of the firmware rather than in more volatile user memory (C:-drive). One of the first Nokia -provided Qt Quick-based applications is the new Nokia Store. Upcoming Symbian SW updates (firmware or add-on SW updates) will roll out more Qt and Qt Quick-based applications.

      Since Qt is being updated together with the firmware updates we have more detailed build version numbering in use. The Qt 4.7.4 bundle was made available already earlier this year in the new Symbian Belle with their PR1.0 firmware. These devices have the Qt 4.7.401 build version. PR1.01 has 402 build version number. The upcoming Belle release for existing Symbian devices (Nokia N8, C6-01, C7, E7, E6, X7) is again a little bit improved Qt (4.7.403) with further bug fixes. Users of the new Belle devices (Nokia 700, 701, 603) get these fixes in upcoming firmware versions. For Belle devices there will be no Smart Installer updates of Qt as users get the latest version by updating the device firmware. However, since Qt Quick Components is an add-on for new Belle PR1.0X devices and not a part of the firmware it is being deployed using Smart Installer. In the upcoming Belle PR1.1 firmware updates, Qt Quick Components 1.1 is delivered in the firmware as well.”

      Also look at the table in this link:

      Well, It seems with the release of PR1.1 version of belle, which is the basis for belle update for current symbian^3 and anna devices, smart installer will be no more. GREAT.

      • Andre C

        Also, that table pretty much explains why they haven’t released belle update for older devices yet.
        They decided not to update them to current belle PR1.0 or PR1.01 which are on 700 and 701.

        Instead, they will release belle PR1.1 for all 3, anna and belle devices together.

        • MoritzJT

          Indeed. Just hope it doesn’t take them forever 😉

          I just hope that Nov/Dec deadline can still be met…

  • Kemi

    From the Qt announcement:
    Nokia Store download rate seems to still be increasing. Now its at more then 10M/month.

    • xzcvzx

      This is definitely thanks to Windows Phone! People are downloading Windows applications!

      … I hope those idiots at Nokia will open their eyes finally!

      • GordonH

        Idiots remain idiots, eyes closed or open.

  • xzcvzx

    Great news!!!!!!

  • Aneeq

    Pls I need the download link for this Qt update…

  • H0r5t.Gu3nth3r

    all development sites have the same problem – they are too stupid to offer a unique download link

    • SLAYER

      if all developemnt sites does that, did you consider that you might be the stupid one?

      it’s right there in the SDK, download it, choose the sis/device files, untick the rest and download.


      • ahsan


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