Verizon to Announce Nokia Windows Phone at CES (With LTE?)

| November 8, 2011 | 14 Replies

Here’s an interesting snippet from a PC Mag article about future Nokia Windows Phones.

Verizon Wireless is expected to announce a Nokia Windows Phone at the CES trade show in mid-January.


As to what that handset might be, we’re not completely sure. Lack of CMDA devices are apparently not due to OS limitation but timing between operator and OEM. They also note that Nokia is the only one currently committed to producing a NWP with LTE.

Another thing of interest  – cheaper Nokia WP phones will maintain the same user experience. Things like screen resolution WILL NOT be reduced for cheaper phones – as WVGA is apparently cheap enough already. That’s also useful for end users and developers.

Hope it’s a high end from Nokia – it needs much more muscle to convince folks in the US. Perhaps the first high end with carrier support in USA for Nokia in a long time.

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Cheers mrprince and Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • erzhik

    Bring it ON! Don’t forget about AT&T.

  • jeep-e2

    Am i missing something? What so interesting about CDMA handset? Why people still bother to buy a phone where they are condemned to use one carrier only?

    • vPuik

      I guess because the biggest carrier uses it…

    • Alan713

      Ask fucking stupid americans, they don’t even know what GSM is and what CDMA is and they don’t know that’s its possible to change carriers with one phone. that’s why they buy it and now it makes Nokia play by those rules, to tie itself with operator and that Operator will be dictating rules, not Nokia.

      • eze

        i’m in the US, so please stop calling them fucking stupid cos they pay my bills 🙂
        but i think nokia will make it possible to unblock the crappy cdma so you can use with other carriers

      • Hypnopottamus

        I’m in the US also. Stop blaming the American people for this. If you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, keep your fucking mouth shut.

        It’s the goddam monopolistic nature of the telecom industry in the US that is at blame. There use to be several GSM networks in the US. All of a sudden with all the mergers we are down to 2. Now that there is threat of an AT&T and T-Mobile merger there just might be only 1! We are at the behest of the telecom companies. Getting unlocked phones in the US is a hastle. Nokia could really us carrier support.

      • Andre C

        What’s with the insulting?! You make it sound like every other non-american person knows the exact difference between GSM and CDMA. Well, they don’t.

    • Doffen

      The US mobile telecom sector is in a sad state from a consumer point of view. The telcos have to much power and act as mini monopolies. It is never in the consumers interest to “be subsidised” as the telcos binds them to their network for a long time and thus limits competition. The total cost of ownership in the US is much higher than in countries where the consumer can switch operator easily.

  • Sun Down

    Is the display used by the 800 an IPS panel?

    • Andre C

      No, clearblack AMOLED.

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  • Michael Prince

    The big deal is:

    1) Yes, it’s the largest carrier in the U.S, but mostly …

    2) because it’s LTE capable

  • Viipottaja

    IF Nokia can bring their WP phones out on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon (the latter two seem almost certain now, only AT&T might be missing), it would be massive for the implementation of their strategy overall and for re-entry into the US in particular!

    Jan/Feb should be interesting!

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