File Manager for Nokia N9 Updated, now with extra techie features + many other improvements

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Nick Rolls, creator of the fanastic File Manager app for MeeGo Harmattan, Nokia N9, emailed us to share news that he’s got an update ready with lots of new improved features.

Thought I’d give you a heads-up on the new version of my app File Manager for the N9. It’s about to go into Store submission once I get my translations back and has a few new cool features since the previous one:

  • UI changes (hidden files are partially transparent when shown, menus re-organised, and more)
  • Faster scrolling
  • Settings moved to their own integrated control panel in MeeGo OS’s Settings app
  • New advanced mode with some extra ‘techie’ features:
    • Browse the root filesystem (now disabled by default)
    • Open a terminal at your current folder (Developer mode must be enabled)
    • Download a file to your current folder, including NFC support (scan an NFC tag containing a URL with File Manager open and it will automatically download — even if advanced mode is disabled)
    • Set the current folder as your home folder (the folder to open whenever you start the app)
  • About five new languages
  • Some back-end changes to help pave the way for the new cloud and archive support

The version I’ve sent you isn’t quite finished so you may come across a bug or two. Once I have fixed these and submitted the app, File Manager will be officially out of Beta.

I’ve attached a few screenshots of the new version to save you time, as well as the installer so you can give it a go yourself.

Thanks team,
Nik Rolls

Below are Nick’s screenshots.

Here’s his app for download:


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    FileBox has these features already. I think (after using both FileBox, File Manager and QAD File Manager) that FileBox is the best file manager on N9/N950

  • Edmund

    i risk sounding like a total fanboy but the UI is really too pretty even though it’s just a file manager hehe… 😛

    • Arts

      agreed dude. =D

  • ssdh

    Looks awesome..

  • Shaun

    Cloud support? Intriguing.

    Might be a winner here if Nick can integrate DropBox/SugarSync/iCloud browsing.

    • Tiago Silva

      DropBox integration would be WHHOOOAAA!!!!

  • Mayestic

    Will this be passed on to Symbian Belle?

  • Hey all,

    First, thanks to Jay for the post 🙂

    Yes, I intended to port this to Symbian in the near future.

    Cloud support will start with Dropbox and shouldn’t be too far away (in programmer’s terms!). I’ll then look at Sugarsync, Skydrive, and others.

    Thanks for the UI feedback — I’ve worked hard to make sure it looks like a native app, that’s a great compliment!

    I realise that other File Managers had some of these advanced features to begin with, however the focus of File Manager was to start off simple (just like the N9 has has) and work in the more advanced features later. File Manager has extra features compared to the rest with this update, including downloading files, NFC Tag support, setting a home folder, Settings menu integrated into the OS, and it also supports more languages (exact list will be finalised at launch). It also has a back-end which is ready for the cloud support mentioned.

    Anyone wanting to follow the development can follow my dev label on G+ ( or Twitter (@Sheerwater) and I’ll keep you updated (the Twitter account is new, about to update with relevant info soon).


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  • Great application, thanks for your hard work, in Costa Rica we appreciate 😀

  • emad rezvani

    hi.i need file manager for nokia n9

    • you go now ovi satoer