Nokia Champagne/900/Ace update-

| November 11, 2011 | 25 Replies

One of my favorite tweeps @marvelprash pointed me to an updated page about the Nokia Champagne/Ace/900 which Jay had posted about yesterday.

It is now confirmed that Nokia Champagne runs OS version 7.10.8711 which is a build of Tango


Since this phone was tested on AT&T networks to test LTE, it might just be a Lumia 800 running under a different code name (since we know that AT&T are working on getting the Lumias to US shores but with LTE support), but I like to imagine that it’s the WP/Nokia Flagship we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe something with a N8 like camera, 800 Body & N9 swipe…. A man can dream can’t he? Either way, we’ll probably find out at MWC in early 2012.


Thanks to: Prashant Via- Androsym 


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  • arcana112

    AT&T probably means a Microsoft employee testing the device from Redmond with a AT&T sim card. It is quite normal and has happened in the past for the Lumia also (as SeaRay).

    • Viipottaja

      Or, an US based Nokia employee. There arep plenty of those in the US too. 🙂

  • blackidea

    If this true,
    It is not using qualcomm chip.
    Maybe ST-ericsson chip.
    But I want to know what Nokia “stamp” bring with tango

    • Jesse

      Why do you say that? Latest qualcomm does LTE. Not that I care either way, just curious why you think it means no qualcomm?

      • N9

        I’m with you, I have serious doubts Nokia will have any non qualcomm cpu’s before apollo.

  • Dance_With_Me

    So, Microsoft is now running Nokia. hmmm very sad theses days

    • I am a trolly sonofabitch

      owh? you have evidence to prove that or you pulled that out your ass?

    • Viipottaja

      What do you mean, specifically?

      • Spitfire

        What he means to say in other words: “So, Microsoft is now running on Nokia hardware” or “So, Microsoft is now powered by Nokia”

        • migo

          LOL! Well played.

      • ssdh

        It means Nokia is now the one helping MS catch up with competition. Adding more features like the rumored support for SOCs other that Qualcomm, NFC functionality, pentaband, better mapping, capabilities for support of higher spec’d camera, and god knows what.. When it should have been the other way around, isn’t that why Elop jumped from a burning platform to a sinking ship?? Because the platform was no good?? If that ship was really so awesome, then why the need to add all these things?

        • migo

          If Nokia’s recent offerings are any indication, they’re not helping Microsoft in the camera department.

    • Anjanu Sonkar

      running and ruining…actually

  • NokiaFan

    I can’t wait to see the new design for the US launch!

  • XtiaN8

    I can’t wait for their US release launch! It’s too bad that they plan to release it next year.. It feels such a long time… I really wish they release a Nokia Windows Phone that has the same camera or better than my current Nokia N8.

    • Viipottaja

      I would too but its rather unlikely among the first patch of US launch:
      1) N8 type of big camera hump at the back is not something the US carriers will want to see in their phones (nor does Nokia probably)
      2) very high end camera phones are a bit of a niche market; Nokia needs to hit the volume markets first
      3) Next generation camera units are probably not yet ready and some people claim WP would not be able to handle all of that yet either (not sure if the latter part is really true though other than perhaps 1080p recording but that’s what you see being said).

      • migo

        Droid RAZR is doing fine with that bump. What Nokia needs to do is make sure it looks good, or go all out. I hope the optical zoom sporting camera rumours are true. They make small cameras with a lens that pops out, do that. Then anyone who wants a good camera on their phone will buy it just based on looks.

  • Luisito

    MMM^2… Its suppoced that the Nokia Stamp will be see in the Apollo update or Tango???… Because its in the second I will get very sad (Because the N8 succesor won’t be a Symbian device)

    • Viipottaja

      At this point it seems actually more likely than not that the next camera flagship will be Symbian – there may of course (and IMO, hopefully) will ALSO be a WP _VARIANT_ of the same phone.

  • migo

    Sure, dream that it’s Nokia’s flagship phone, but stop calling it the Ace. Calling it the 900 even is a stretch as Nokia plans on using a different naming scheme in the US.

    • Viipottaja

      How do you know? I would have guessed they would use the Lumia brand here too.

      • migo

        They had a contest asking for what to name Nokia’s Windows Phone in the US. It would be Nokia I, II, III – if I remember correctly Phoenix was winning, but that’s no guarantee that’s what it’ll be.

        • Michael Faro-Tusino

          Phoenix suits it. Rises from the ashes.

          Nokia has been dead in the US so it is truly fitting.

          • migo

            I think that’s why people were going for that name. Plus, advertising for it would be pretty cool (if cheesy). Showing a phone coming out of a fireball wouldn’t go un-noticed.

  • ArticDog

    Add in a Dual 5.3″ screen, 3D and it may kill off the tablet market.

    I don’t think Nokia is all that excited about being one in a million and one tablets on the market. Create the next big thing Nokia. Tablets are ok if it were a gaming tablet, but give me a fantastic mobile and a laptop with a real keyboard. I would not want a tablet if there were a Dual 5.3″screen,3d, N9 design, with swipe and a 15mp camera smartphone with the name Nokia on it.