The Register’s Nokia Lumia 800 Review – “a very attractive alternative to the iPhone”, better experience than Android.

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Here’s the Register’s review on the Nokia N9. These folks would probably be the UK engadget equivalent in terms of their opinions of Nokia in general. You can feel that bitterness ebbing away slightly in their introduction,

“For the first time in ages, it’s possible to recommend a Nokia phone to somebody in the pub. Nokia’s first Windows-based device is the company’s most attractive consumer product for some years, at least in the modern era of touchscreen smartphones.”

  •  First impressions of the software are likely to be very positive
  • handling the basics of communications with less friction than anything Nokia has offered since the days of monochrome LED phones.
  • WinPho 7 now offers a better experience for ordinary punters than its Android rivals.
  • The design, based on oversized typography is very usable.
  • Apparently not finding it that comfortable hardware wise. Odd, first criticism of design so far from anyone.
  • They don’t like the fiddly microUSB door. I suppose something like a slide door would be easier, though may not conform to the design.
  • AMOLED screen is excellent, giving a very black black indeed, and enough brightness and contrast
  • Doesn’t matter that it has a PenTile screen.
  • Browser – streets ahead of what’s on Symbian (well, that’s because that browser sucked ass since forever).
  • Battery barely lasting a day, signal better than iPhone (not exactly feats either. Also I think other reviewers had more favourable battery life experiences. You know, the ones who liked the 800 design, which was all of them).
  • Dialling a difficulty. I’ve commented this here and twitter many times. Like the N900, so many things can be done so easily, except actually initiating a phone call. Give me smart dialler please.
  • Camera – “adequate”. I think Nokia gave them a dud unit. Now I know it’s not as good as N8 and there are apparently some comparisons where other manufacturers are besting the 800, but just adequate? Reviewer comments that it’s no N8.
  • Both Nokia and Microsoft have a long way to go together on this new, but very promising platform. Microsoft badly needs a high quality and trusted phone manufacturer to make the software into a great product. Nokia badly needed a modern platform, and now it’s got one. The partnership doesn’t look such a bad idea at all, now.
  • Aesthetics aside, the speed and ease of use of the Lumia 800 – and the remarkable People application – make this a very attractive alternative to the iPhone

Cheers all for the tip!


We’ll hopefully get to bring our own Nokia 800 content for you soon. Thankfully Katie from NokiaConnects (WOM) can sort that out for us. Nokia UK is absolutely terrible. Do you know we are on a waiting list for the Nokia C6, as asked last year? Hello, it is November 2011.

Does anyone have the email address for NokiaUK media relations?

Did you know there are supposedly 85,000 Nokia Lumias to be distributed (not sold), 25k for devs, 60,000 for media?

I was going to travel down to London on Saturday for an event supposedly by Nokia UK to get a Nokia Lumia 800. Great stuff, what a change. Pro-actively asking as if we want a trial. Though that’s a whole Saturday where I do my uni case work, I thought it would be worth it to prepare some Nokia 800 material.  Er no that got cancelled and postponed. I don’t want to buy another train ticket which could be cancelled again last minute. I asked if they could send it by post instead – no reply. Emailed another address, no reply. Thanks for the love, Nokia UK. Perhaps we’re just not that well known enough yet in Nokia circles.

I should have just stuck with WOM/NokiaConnects. Having said that, Nokia in other countries seem to do a much better job with their bloggers. e.g. Michael got a N9 from Nokia Australia and he’s reviewed it, do video demoes and has been able to demo apps. I’d buy one right now if I wasn’t trapped in a contract with my WP Sammy.


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