Nokia Maps 3.08 update, OTA and via Nokia Suite

| November 14, 2011 | 19 Replies

We’ve had tons mail and comments from over a week old now saying there’s an update to Nokia Maps available. I’ve not posted to inform on this update as there is some conflicting reports that users’ Maps apps are breaking. Also I meant to write it up on the weekend but things were a little hectic then. (House Party Saturday, blitz work Saturday, Go Ape Sunday. Fun! :D)


Anyway, I had some more emails again reminding me to write about the maps update (thanks! Needed that) and it seems looking around at reports, this update people are getting seem to be working.

Users have reported both OTA updates directly from their phone or with Nokia/Ovi Suite.

Cheers everyone who’s been sending in the tip – sorry not been able to post it.

(p.s. find it funny how my N8 gets a GPS lock quicker than my housemate’s Garmin. N8 is sooooo good for navigation.  )


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  • Daniel McGuire

    The update did break my N8 but I got it back to the beta labs version. Can anyone confirm this update is 100% safe? I do not want to go through all that again..

    • FireDragon

      This one is fine. It fixed the error caused by the last update. I updated it 2 days back and things are fine now on both my N8s.

  • cardinal

    Neither Nokia software updater nor Nokia suite would update the maps on my N8, and the phone was only recently reflashed by Nokia because of a bad Anna upgrade

  • yemko can also troll

    Oh s60v5!

  • Craig

    Working fine on both my N8’s. Symbian and the apps just keep getting better and better. Thank you Nokia!!

  • gerard-bijlsma

    i having this update a copple off days ago.its works super

  • nik

    WORKS fine at my e7 t greece

  • Art

    It’s worst from 3.06 :/

  • jason404

    A Garmin would not be initially triangulating using phone transmitters (A-GPS), which is why it is slower.

  • Joe

    The good:
    Much better touchscreen-oriented design with bigger buttons and less clutter.

    The bad:
    Looks like they got rid of the Trip Advisor integration while they redesigned the application. This would be very unfortunate as it has helped me find good restaurants very quickly in the past while on the road.

  • chandrasekaran

    I received map update as software update on my phone. When I tried to install its giving error.

  • keirx

    Good prime Jay, the 50mm 1.4 is a worthwhile lens. But, as an advice, never take pics at 3200 ISO!!! Trust me, install magic lantern on 60D, that will definetly help you a lot 😉

  • Paul

    This version semms to have issues too.

    Maps will always stay in the background, even if you close it (use App Stop for example to check it). If you stop it (with App Stop for example) it will start up again immediately. This will affect the running time of the battery. All you can do here is to shut off you phone and turn it on again.

    Also some users told, the onlineconnection is always up for some reason.

  • blue_crim

    i suppose this is for devices with official firmware, right? because i get no such update on my n8 leaked belle

  • AJE

    Since I downloaded the new Maps app I’ve had some “freezing” issues on my N8. Also, although in Maps my Favourites are still listed in the groups I set up, in Drive they are only listed in order of proximity. This makes finding a Favourite far more difficult. Why do this? Furthermore, in landscape mode the actual map is very small – there are large margins being taken up with other, all-be-it useful information. Some good new features, however.

  • Dorotheen

    has someone in germany installed this new version over OTA or Nokia Suite. I just checked few minutes before but give nothing to update.

  • Ich hab einen Hammer

    The first N8 16Mb update broke my devise maps. I can’t roll back after reset my N8. Then there showed up a new update smaller one and now my Maps works. But this can’t be the final Maps. To many bugs.

  • phaedrav

    I see the update both from Software Update and Nokia Suite. Trying to update from either fails with no useful error messages for me and lots of other people.

    People who did somehow get it to install are reporting lots of problems (but I don’t know about that).

    Is a fixed installer coming soon?

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