Upcoming Symbian Updates: Carla & Donna!??

| November 15, 2011 | 111 Replies

I usually hate blurrycam images, but when its about two symbian updates that haven’t even been announced I make exceptions. Big exceptions in this case as an image that popped up on Symbianlatino.com appears to show the future road map for Symbian displaying to upcoming updates named “Carla & Donna” 

The image source claims that it was on display during Nokias Devoloper Day In mexico.

The translation off Google (hardly reliable is):


“Symbian Carla:

  • 8.0 Browser
  • Dolby soundround
  • NFC
  • Best Widgets

Symbian Donna:

  • Exclusive Dual core Equipment”

Symbianlatino states that Carla is set for late 2012 or early 2013, running on much more capable devices, perhaps the N8 Successor?? It also states that Symbian Carla will be available to ALL current S^3 devices, while Symbian Donna would be exclusive for Dual core devices. It’s also stated that Donna is most probably the LAST of the symbian updates and the end of an era.


Staring at blurrycam images isn’t good for you, but if you look hard enough at the phones displayed in the last column to the right under Donna it appears to be a candybar with rounded edges (similar to C7) but with 4 applications per row in menu like Meego. I don’t know maybe I’m imagining things…

*note: A while back on the Symbian Wikipedia page under “Version history” Symbian Carla was indeed there beneath “Belle” but if you check know it’s gone, is this nokias leak control?



Update: I couldn’t find a clearer image but since this event was only yesterday a couple more should pop-up sooner or later, however I did stumble on a image from a developers conference in Brazil where it showed that there were future updates coming after Belle, but it only showed a “Under Construction Symbol”- at least we know that there’s some basis to this.

Via SymbianLatino

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  1. aleci says:

    Elop chose a wrong brand to f*ck with. Had it been Motorola, he wouldn’t be faced with so much protest from inside the company and its fans.

    Ive read somewhere that MS’ contract would only last until 2016? Same time Symbian was supposedly supported? So after that what happens???

  2. Ty says:

    Didn’t Elop say they will continue supporting symbian until 2016? and the road map illustrates before 2016.

  3. Steve Max says:

    From your source:
    “[Carla] será para equipos con al menos 1 Ghz de procesador por lo que seguramente ya no será comparable con los N8 y C7 pero si con los actuales Nokia 603 y 701.”

    “[Carla] will be for phones with at least 1GHz processors, therefore it will no longer be compatible with the N8s & C7s, but only with the current Nokia 603 & 701.”

  4. @tanmoy says:

    i think nokia symbian is the best.it will stand with its best…and i think next n8 successor will come with dual core processor,1 gb of ram,480*800 resolution screen and symbian carla on board and will get donna update later.

  5. doraemon22 says:

    unfortunately, phone as n8, c7, c6-01, e7, e6, & x7 will not get update symbian carla (let alone donna) because the prosesor under 1 ghz

  6. Micaiah says:

    So does this mean nokia c7 users in the us will finaly get an update (nokia astound)

  7. DC says:

    here’s a better image of the one above and in english too.

    what i realise is that at the end they say comming to n8,c6????,c7 and e7-01????
    its prob just a typo but dont know if its by the site or by nokia.

  8. Nokia fan says:

    Waiting for n8 successor. I’ll buy it first day when it will be shipped for india. Dual core with optical zoom. It’s smoking hot.

  9. Arduino says:

    What is the difference between symbian belle and symbian anna?

  10. raul says:

    Symbian Belle is much better than android or windowsphone7. Hope Nokia keep upgrading it, as it is really very fast and stable. Waiting for CARLA…..

  11. Mark V says:

    I can read:

    Symbian Belle
    -Nuevos equipos: 2o semestre 2011
    -Todos los Symbian^3 son actualizables hasta Belle
    -Actualización primer trimestre 2012


    Symbian Carla
    -Mejor browser
    -Dolby surround
    -NFC Seguro para pagos

    Symbian Donna
    Nuevos equipos
    -Doble núcleo

    Just too lazy to translate…

  12. pavan says:

    symbian anna is a good OS compare to nokia Nokia Belle plz update like same adding newest like symbian anna

  13. Kedar says:

    Nokia symbian carla and donna nokia 2013 no1 rank symbian no1 ios no2 blackberry no3 android no4 windows phone no5 webos no6 bada no7

  14. vimal says:

    will we be able to update nokia 701 to belle donna???

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