Upcoming Symbian Updates: Carla & Donna!??

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I usually hate blurrycam images, but when its about two symbian updates that haven’t even been announced I make exceptions. Big exceptions in this case as an image that popped up on appears to show the future road map for Symbian displaying to upcoming updates named “Carla & Donna” 

The image source claims that it was on display during Nokias Devoloper Day In mexico.

The translation off Google (hardly reliable is):


“Symbian Carla:

  • 8.0 Browser
  • Dolby soundround
  • NFC
  • Best Widgets

Symbian Donna:

  • Exclusive Dual core Equipment”

Symbianlatino states that Carla is set for late 2012 or early 2013, running on much more capable devices, perhaps the N8 Successor?? It also states that Symbian Carla will be available to ALL current S^3 devices, while Symbian Donna would be exclusive for Dual core devices. It’s also stated that Donna is most probably the LAST of the symbian updates and the end of an era.


Staring at blurrycam images isn’t good for you, but if you look hard enough at the phones displayed in the last column to the right under Donna it appears to be a candybar with rounded edges (similar to C7) but with 4 applications per row in menu like Meego. I don’t know maybe I’m imagining things…

*note: A while back on the Symbian Wikipedia page under “Version history” Symbian Carla was indeed there beneath “Belle” but if you check know it’s gone, is this nokias leak control?


Update: I couldn’t find a clearer image but since this event was only yesterday a couple more should pop-up sooner or later, however I did stumble on a image from a developers conference in Brazil where it showed that there were future updates coming after Belle, but it only showed a “Under Construction Symbol”- at least we know that there’s some basis to this.

Via SymbianLatino


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