Looking at the next generation EDoF – closer shots possible, almost Macro?

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Steve Litchfield on his crusade to investigate the EDOF cameras looks at the new generation available in the 701. You may remember us being surprisingly impressed with the EDoF samples in the 600 (now discontinued). Interestingly this same camera is not on the 700 (Steve calls it in fact, “Rubbish” in the comments).


Anyway, one of the main issues on EDoF was the inability for Macro. It seems as Steve finds, that it is slightly better at closer range. This is the ability many have been suggesting. If the purpose of EDoF is to make those simple no waiting for AF shots (not simply price and size, which is odd when you see cheap, small AF) then AF free Macro might solve that last reservation some people have on EDoF. That’s going to be one incredible feat of tech to get EDoF from say 15cm up to infinity always in focus. How many cm of Macro is enough anyway? (Check image below of a business card? older EDoF left, new EDoF 701 right, this is apparently 30cm).

Other things Steve notices in the 701 is reduced sharpening, better low light, more detail. Steve also notes improvement possibly due to the beefier processing power (with all improved CPU/GPU/RAM)

In the comments you’ll also note praise for EDoF video. I do much prefer to have AF, but for majority it might be fine.

I can see situations where AF can get in the way of an actual good photo that EDoF could beat. N8 was having some difficulty in getting some focus at a party last night (and later in the club). I’m guessing it was more to do with the case as pics came out better when using touch focus – though that didn’t always solve some blurs. Xenon + EDoF? lol. What if AF tech was just improved. I mean, what’s with all the point and shoot digicams on AF anyway.


Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!

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  1. reptile says:

    If they make an EDOF lens capable of MACRO shots, I shall call it SuperEDOF!

    @”What if AF tech was just improved. I mean, what’s with all the point and shoot digicams on AF anyway.”

    AF can actually take full focus shots if the software was tailored to it or allowed an option for it. Granted, it’d be much slower than EDOF, I would think.

  2. aleci says:

    while the iphone is going towards the n8′s direction in innovating its camera, Nokia on the otherhand is going backwards once again with their technology.

  3. sinple says:

    why not create sth like the camera in the very old n80, where a switch is enabled to manually toggle between macro and normal shots?

  4. Loca says:

    nokia, i dont want your 8mp, just give me 3.2mp but with autofocus

    • amey nerkar says:

      hahahahha. Most people I know with AF cameras just blurr their shots……..unless they have an eternity to position themselves and click……

      • dr_zorg says:

        Most people I know, on the other hand, take excellent shots with AF cameras.

        I suppose it’s up to your specific circle of friends, relatives, etc.

        Just because a few people around you don’t care enough to learn to use AF (which is a no-brainer), doesn’t mean everyone is.

        I find it disturbing that people extrapolate this experience upon the rest of the world – this is what makes things like EDoF in Nokias “acceptable” – because there are simply too many people stereotyping everyone.

  5. LaW says:

    nice this is good news, i have galaxy s2 and snaps pics much faster than my n97 lol, but if there was so way to make edof snap clear shots at close range very very fast. then at least most of the symbian line up will get a big advantage on this, Sometimes i prefer AF sometimes i dont. My most exciting wait in cameras is low light sensitivity, since we take most of our photos in duller areas, lower f/apature like under f/2.2 will be really good for them outcomes.

  6. DC says:

    if EDoF is such an amazing thing why the hell does all the expensive stand alone cameras use AF? nokia get fucking real!!!!

  7. migo says:

    Not bad. If they could get it to something like 10 or 15cm to infinity, I’d be just as happy with EDoF as AF. Possibly even moreso. Particularly if it’s 10cm to infinity and zero shutter lag.

    Nokia didn’t have much success with the N8 and it’s camera, so they may have decided to switch gears and work on making a camera that’s much better in a different fashion.

    • Anjanu Sonkar says:

      where have you been with N8…are you from Mars ???

      • dr_zorg says:

        No, he is from the States – which seems to be the same thing..

        • migo says:

          Wow you suck, I’m from Canada, and I’ve already posted that.

          • dr_zorg says:

            I’m sorry, you are such a prolific “poster” that I have no means of reading every single post of yours.

            In that case you are so out of touch with the real world that I’m surprised. Do you live in the Yukon? Some inaccessible island?

            Really, the N8 did VERY well indeed.

            Most Canadians I know (admittedly from Ontario and Quebec) would know how to at least google information they have no clue about.

            And one more thing: admitting you are clueless is better than posting rubbish and making a fool of yourself.

      • migo says:

        The N8 didn’t sell where, anywhere in the world. If it did, Nokia wouldn’t have had to switch gears entirely.

  8. dr_zorg says:

    “Macro might solve that last reservation some people have on EDoF”

    Not nearly.. Though admittedly it would make phones like the E7 actually useful for taking shots, it’s still far away from AF.

    The depth of field effect, in other words the “natural” view, to the human eye, of the subject, is integral to what makes good photos.

    • dr_zorg says:

      To add to this:

      The whole point of photography is to make images that are as close to what you would see naturally as possible.

      Ditching a good technology (as evidenced by the N8, N95, N82, etc.) for something that creates more distortion and unnatural-looking images is simply stupid. Money really shouldn’t be EVERYTHING a company should think about. There are also things like technological progress and quality standards, and making technology available to the masses. But seemingly Nokia is leaving that path.

    • yabai.youth says:

      So EDoF is pretty much like using a lens that is permanently set at its hyperfocal point, am I correct?

  9. moep says:

    hi guys,

    a friend of mine bought a 701 (i adviced him to do :p)
    when he send me some of his first pictures i was slightly surprised… cause of those pretty good macro pics!!

    thats why i wouldnt say edof is useless … or whatever. for all those normal users its perfect – because of the user experience. one shot and you got one (good) picture. there’s nothing more annoying than to miss a moment cause AF is still focusing :(

    besides nokia got its very own way to handle most of his products (nokia n9/900/950, touch’n’type…) i wouldnt be surprise when they unveil an astounding new lense using experience they gained thanks to edof.

    • aleci says:

      what macro pics? you delusional or something? edof can never take macro shots.you don’t even know the difference bet macro shots and a normal snapshot

  10. Doffen says:

    The camera needs to be able to take clear pictures of documents such as receipts, tickets etc. If not is of no use to me even if it is super at normal point and shot pictures. Other people may have different needs though.

    • migo says:

      That’s something a lot of people need, it’s the main stumbling block of EDoF. If they get that fixed, a lot of people won’t mind.

  11. reptile says:

    If people want a “realistic effect” thru the natural blurring that comes with AF, they should learn to do it themselves in GIMP/Photoshop/etc (it’s really simple to do). But if someone wants everything in focus, there’s no way to go from that half-blurry picture to a clear one. That’s why it’s important to have EDOF vs. AF once they fix the MACRO issue.

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