KiK Social Messenger coming to Symbian! + Updated WP Mango Edition

| November 19, 2011 | 19 Replies

Big news for all fans of cross-platform instant chatting applications, KiK a app very much similar to Whatsapp is coming to Symbian devices SOON, theres a sign up page for private beta testing here: Just enter your name, Email & Phone Model.

For what it’s worth KiK developers seem to really love Symbian, usually when apps extend to new platforms they just mention the large user-base and maybe the flexibility of the platform (definitely not for iOS), but in their launch page they practically fawned over symbians SMoothness????, battery life and opensource. Stating that their app would make Symbian ‘Proud’,  ‘despite it’s uncertain future’ it seems like they truly believe Symbian is not dead, maybe they’ve been paying attention to the Leaked Symbian Roadmap. Also they seem to have taken a cheap shot at whatsapp saying that KiK is more beautiful than all messenger platforms, including “Whatsamacallit”.

We understand why you love Symbian: it’s smooth, open, light on battery, and fast – many of the same things Kik is known for. And we think that the millions of Symbian users around the world still deserve high quality, beautiful apps, despite the platform’s uncertain future (and the press’ gleeful predictions of its demise).

Kik is a Symbian app you can be proud of. It’s faster, more beautiful and reliable than all other messengers on the platform (including <ahem> Whatsamacallit). We think it’s a great example of how polished and powerful Symbian apps can be when they’ve been made by true fans of the platform.

-The screenshots for the app show that it’s already been customized with the Belle style task-bar Hooray! which of course would explain how they complimented the smoothness (Belle = AmaZing)

We think it’s a great example of how polished and powerful Symbian apps can be when they’re made by people who love the platform.

Lets hope they deliver (Yes LiveProfile I’m looking at you- the liveprofile app was “almost ready”  over six months ago according to their twitter), I for one have already signed up for beta testing KiK, I haven’t tried it but I’ve seen it run on Android and it looks great.

Also in the  same blog about KiK getting updated there was a tiny note about them releasing a newer version for WP, optimized for mango:

Kik for WP7 Mango
We also released an updated version of Kik for Windows Phone 7. You’ll find Kik is even faster than before, more reliable, and takes advantage of several Mango improvements (fast app switching, list scrolling, etc). It’s available now – let us know what you think!

Thanks to Daniel McGuire for the tip, Cheers.



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