Nokia Lumia 800 Sales numbers – what are they, Nokia?

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It’s just a week in since launch and some places are already calling doom on Nokia’s Lumia efforts. Forbes has published a somewhat troubling article questioning who is actually going to buy the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones, which is launched in just 6 countries.

An ‘analyst’ Pierre Ferragu from Bernstein Research (in quotations because I know how you guys feel about anyone labelled as such) reckons that the buzz on the 800 is the same as the N8, and feels, wait for it – it will be a dud too. (Based on google trends data).

He feels there’s no breakthrough innovation, and will unlikely gain traction in the high end. He also doesn’t think they’re priced competitively enough, nor does he think Windows can gain critical mass up against Android or iOS. They do not think that the Nokia brand can make a difference at all to Windows Phone.

This is despite all the positive reviews from the tech blogs about both hardware and software of the Nokia Lumia 800. Is Windows Phone still just too much of an unknown quantity for consumers who are just aware of Android and iOS? Is the Lumia 800 on sale in enough countries?

James Faucette, another analyst this time from Pacific Crest claims December might be disappointing. They expected Nokia to ship as much as 2million at those 6 markets during the holidays but now reckon it’s less than 1 million for the quarter. (Is this from mid November launch to the end of the year which is not 1 quarter?). They reckon sales have been disappointing for the Lumia and that sales in December might only be 500,000. Though Pierre thinks the 800 will be a ‘dud’ like the N8, wasn’t the N8 reported to have sold 3.5M by December since October launch – or was that all S^3? (Though notably in more countries with better Nokia brand recognition and a special camera…)

Nokia’s advertising has been much stronger with the Lumia 800 and there’s still more to go. It’s really important that they can at least get consumers trying it out on the shelves first as there’s too much in the way of iPhone or Android to tempt them of something that no one still really knows anything about. It’s not a perfect phone, but it does a really good job of core things most consumers care about. If only Nokia could also focus on advertising that way to those consumers.

It’s not so much of a surprise that the 8xx series would not be directly competitive with the likes of iPhone or the highest Androids. It is 8xx series, not 9xx. It would have been great for Nokia to have managed such a feat, but to have even come out with anything in 8 or so months is quite amazing for Nokia.

Let’s hear some numbers, Nokia.  Reports such as this might be self-fulfilling, especially if someone hears something isn’t selling, it becomes less attractive. Conversely, we’ve heard independently of Lumia topping charts in France prior to release, sell out in Netherlands, and very high interest and sales with Orange. Consumers who have bought the Lumia are giving very positive reactions. Was that real or fabricated?

I can already assume the N9 will come into this conversation. Most instantly this possible faltering of Lumia as instant ammunition.

The Lumia 800 is, to call a spade a spade, a good product.  (Please, let’s make something clear. Calling the Lumia 800 a good product does NOT say the N9 is bad. Based on the repeat comments of certain individuals, it seems every time Nokia WP is praised, they are physically pained and someone stamps on their N9). But will consumers give it a chance? Has there been enough advertising to sway folks back to Nokia? Is the image of old Nokia just to unattractive? Or are songs of the Android and iOS sirens just too magical?

The second blog linked below talks about certain blogs not comparing Lumia with older Nokias. Now that I have one I can do that. I’m in between an upload now comparing the N8 keyboard with the 800. I don’t have a N9 but that’s reported to have an awesome keyboard too.

Next year we desperately need that promised high end 9XX Nokia Lumia. Hardware must be better than other WP manufacturers, and have something to 1-up or more the Android manufacturers. That supposed N8 successor that has an awesome camera – while that’s good to see on Symbian, we need something for WP too because that is the platform under most scrutiny. Nokia needs to keep going long enough to get Lumia in more markets with higher end matching the very best of the competition. Low end WP will also be of utter importance.

Give consumers more reason why they shouldn’t just default to the now extremely strong iPhone or an Android. It took time for the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC to rise to where they’re recognized for great high end phones (which for Android, trickles down to lower end products). They built that on the back of one good product after another (hate those too if you must, but they were mostly good products).  The 800 is a good product. Nokia, Market it better than the great improvement in marketing you’ve already done. Make something tons better than the 800. Never, ever again rest on your laurels or make stupid compromises of the past. We need a home run.


Source: Forbes via Nokia Ecosystem

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