Hidden Diagnostic app on Lumia 800

| November 25, 2011 | 8 Replies

The kind folks over at “The Nokia Blog” seem to have found a hidden easter egg (or is it Turkey Egg considering it’s thanksgivings?) on the Lumia 800, the hidden app is a Diagnostics tool that runs a check on most sensors, buttons, speakers and touchpanels of the 800 to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Activating it is as simple as opening your Dialer and dialing ‘##634#’ upon which a app called “Diagnostics” will show up in your app list, rather than read this watch the video



List of whats diagnosed:

Audio Loopback
Battery Status
Hardware Buttons
Headset Detection
LCD White
Power Source

Via the Nokia Blog



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  • liloufa

    I found something. On setting u can set the usb mode on zune or serial. Searchin for what “serial” mean. :]

  • kan

    The LG Optimus 7 also has this engineer setvices menu its called mfg.

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  • It is also available in Dell Venue Pro

  • So7t

    It does look that it have NFC !!
    Nice one Nokia!! ;

  • The correct name is “On-Device Diagnostic Tool” (short: ODDT) and it’s available to Windows Phone 7 in general – including Samsung, HTC, etc.

    A full description of the diagnostic menu/tests can be found here (in german):


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  • Carl

    I noticed an issue when using this tool on my 800, it would be useful if someone else could try to reproduce this.

    Go to the hardware buttons page
    Press a couple of the hardware buttons to ensure that they work correctly.
    Press the back button
    Try the hardware buttons

    What I found here was that my hardware buttons no longer worked. I didn’t actually find this out until after my display had turned off and the only way I could bring it back to life was to plug the charger in.

    If you go into the Hardware Buttons page again and press the ‘Main Menu’ option in the top left, the buttons should work again (this sometimes hangs the diagnostics tool, but pressing Home brings everything back to life).

    If this is actually an issue, it seems like a worrying one to have when you can’t remove the battery!