Awards for Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop and Windows Phone (OS of the year)

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At the Know Your Mobile awards, the award for Mobile Personality of the Year was awarded to Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop. The panel consisted of Jonathan Morris, senior editor at Steel Media; Susi Weaser, freelance journalist; Harriet Rhodes, editor of; Comedian and host Steve Furst; and Know Your Mobile’s features editor Richard Goodwin.

He is, undoubtedly an excellent speaker up against some very difficult times turning a company he is heading around back to greatness. Here’s what the judges had to say:

‘It was a hard task to bring Nokia back to life.’

‘He speaks the truth and gains a lot of media attention for the company. He’s very well known because of his previous job at Microsoft.’

‘He has made some radical, perhaps controversial changes to reinvent Nokia. Has a clear vision for the future and seems to have a clear goal.’

So – question: Are people saying Nokia’s back, in response to the new Lumia products? Tick.

Although too early to tell, are there indications people are interested in the Lumia 800? Tick

Secondly, in a Nokia related kind of way, Windows Phone wins Operating System of the year. Ooh ouch. Burn.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

‘It has the most potential, with a unique interface and a rapidly growing apps selection. It has a great looking UI and doesn’t look like Android or iOS.’

‘A massive move from the previous OS. Huge growth in apps and the system looks heaps better than the competition.’

‘Innovative interface, with more success to come.’

‘A refreshing OS that doesn’t try and copy other operating systems. Has attracted a large number of developers too.’

Let’s see what Q4 numbers would be. Numbers are indicating that Nokia’s partners are doing quite well with their Mango devices too. This folks, at this nascent period, is where Nokia needs its partners to be strong. Before Nokia can finish assembling their Lumia WP high ends and the different alternatives that will flank them, they need others to help this environment grow in terms of both users, developers, apps, services etc. No point Nokia being lumbered to grow it all, especially when Windows Phone is so unknown. Next year it will be helped massively by Windows 8 which shares the same Metro UI (along with the standard desktop UI for those instances when that might be better).

Based on the general reactions by some here to Elop and WP, I’m already anticipating the harsh responses to this, but oh well. Time to play WPhater drink bingo. Shots for each. Down your drink when all is said.

  • Trojan Horse
  • Flop
  • WP Sucks
  • Elop is destroying Nokia
  • WP is not a smartphone
  • WP is ugly
  • (any other suggestions?)
  • Paid award

Whether these awards are meaningful to you or not, it doesn’t really matter.

There’s opinion from the doubters but also opinion swaying in a way that’s positive too.

As a Nokia fan, I am loving that attention – and good attention – is on Nokia gain.

All we know is that the new strategy has just begun. Indications are it’s quite good so far, but that Nokia will really fire it up next year.

Source: via (cheers mrprince for the tip!)

Somewhat sceptical myself but have grown cynical in parts. I need some solid results to be really assured in Nokia success not just indications of success – of which we might not really see until Q3 2012)



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