Lumiappaday #5: TuneIn Radio demoed on Nokia Lumia 800

| November 25, 2011 | 38 Replies

Let’s get straight into Lumiappaday #5

#5 TuneIn Radio

Price: Free





TuneIn Radio is internet radio. You can listen to stations from across the world, in various languages in all types of genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Classical and Comedy and just so much more.


Rating: 8.75


Design: 8 –  This is fully into the metro experience with panoramic spaces utilised to the full. Station pages are clean and beautiful really well with clear information on currently playing (with big thumbnails), related, as well as listing other upcoming line up and twitter comments about that station. The experience is integrated into the music player and you can see thumbnails of stations you’ve been playing in your recent music history. I would though like some bread crumb style tabs when I’m searching within categories so I can quickly jump to go back.

Usability: 8 – Very simple to use and straight forward. Music discovery is easy, browsing by location, language and even option for podcasts (and more). You will need a mostly good 3G connection or WiFi to make this app work since it is streaming from the internet.  Most stations load after a couple of seconds buffering though some (more due to the station as I have problems accessing them in desktop browser) might take longer or may not load. The music player is fully integrated with the music experience. As mentioned, it appears in the music player history. Also, when you press the volume control keys, you can access the music controls. You can even see these controls on the lock screen as well as station info, so no unlocking even needed. You can favourite stations, and pin stations to your start screen. FM Radio is good, but I also like being able to listen to those stations when I’m no where near that location (e.g. Wales/Philippine stations when I’m in Manchester)

Performance: 9 Very fast. In mango completely works simultaneously with any other app. You don’t even have to have TuneIn Radio completely open. If you have a station tile, that station will instantly open, exiting goes straight back to home.

Price: 10 Free 😀 Yay. No ads. Install.

Conclusion: Add this app along side Nokia Music to pack your Lumia with more music on the go 🙂 All these apps just look so much more stunning on the Lumia 800 than any other WP.



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  • MJ

    How to get a Lumia 800 for free :(((

    • MJ

      Anyone wanna exchange C7 with Lumia 800 😀

  • kan

    One thing that needs to be mentioned re WP is that not all apps have landscape view and those that do the experience is sub optimal and it looks ugly. Take the simple calculator app – it looks fine in portrait but put it into landscape view and there is a black space on the left hand side. This is not very pleasing. Quite a few apps have this issue where in landscape view the data does not expand to fill the screen.

    • Jay Montano

      Sorry, I forgot to mention this does work in landscape.

      As for the suboptimal calculator – the portrait normal calculator and then landscape scientific calculator mode has always impressed people. It’s not something they’d expect, and additional intuitive usability.

      • Jesse

        Exactly! The Calculator’s landscape mode is about as awesome as it gets!!

    • jr

      I never noticed the black line until you pointed it out.. for me its a non issue

      • kan

        Look at the email app. In portrait mode you have aa status bar at the top and a grey buttons on the bottom. Now when you go to landcape you would assume the bars would remain where they are -the top and bottom. However they do not resize but stay on the left and right sides when in landscape. This takes up about 15% of the screen rela estate. But more important it breaks the UI paradigm where bars are either at the top or bottom.

        Also the MEtro desgin metaphor there is a lot of space between the headings and the information below – it’s not an efficient use of limited real estate.

  • kan

    Just look how horrible whatsApp looks in landscape mode with a horrible grey bar on the right side.

    • Jay Montano

      I don’t use whatsapp. I’ll take a look though.

      • kan

        ESPN goals is a fantastic app.




        Are a few I use.
        I am surprised you don’t use whatsApp its probably the best cross platform messaging App.

        • Jay Montano

          A few of those are on my Omnia7 already and will be appearing in future Lumiappadays :~) We’ll look at a couple of new ones I haven’t used yet too.

    • jr

      are the the bar police or something?.. why do you even like to use apps in landscape unless you are using Arrive

  • Is it just me or are ALL Windows Phone 7 apps IDENTICAL?

    The only difference between them is what kind of text is showing on the screen and a different title for the huge app name. (i.e.: Music titles, artist names, rss headlines, contact names, messages, etc)

    • nabs

      I think that is a good thing, all apps are designed with one concept- Metro UI. One thing that I don’t like about Android is there are too many variations of UI in apps, and sometimes I find using these apps is frustrating. Each app has their own concept ,and I have to figure out how to use it every time.

    • Jay Montano

      I think it’s called consistency. The same thing we really like about certain N9 apps is how it is consistent with the rest of the phone’s UI.

      However, not all apps rely purely on metro. One will show you in the morning doesn’t. Games obviously won’t be in Metro. Maybe for menu stuff, yes.

      Consistency is very important. You know how everything is supposed to interact.

      • nabs

        Yes, I completely agree with that. Actually, I find consistency of the design concept makes me want to buy/use the phone more than just put everything into it without any concept. I love things that have senses of style. 🙂

      • I know consistency is important and I do want all apps to have it, however, there is a difference of consistency on apps that run on other platforms and on WP7.

        Look at all the new Belle apps that are consistent with each other. All of them follow the UI guidelines however they do look different. They have different options, menus, design, colors, etc, all following the guidelines and fitting very well on Belle. On the other hand, when I look at WP7 apps most of them look absolutely the same. Not in the sense of “consistent”, but in the sense of “identical”. I feel like if I had 7 apps open and brought the task manager I would have a really hard time figuring out which app is which because they look absolutely the same.
        Look, it’s the Twitter app! I’ll go see if I have a new mention. Oops, wrong app.
        The people hub! What’s going on now on Facebook? What do you mean this is not the people hub?
        Is this the file manager, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office with a dark theme?

        I don’t know if you get what I mean, specially because I don’t have more screenshots of identical apps right now (I have an important test on college in 20 minutes from now) but I’ll show you an example of an app that follows the WP7 guidelines, uses Metro UI but is actually distinguishable and I know what app it is:
        “Hey, that definitely looks like the BBC app running on Windows Phone 7. It must be it.”

        What I mean is, most of the apps I have seen are not just following some UI guidelines to keep consistency. They are just identical. There’s absolutely no design going on, it’s like they simply downloaded the “default app layout”, edited the default text and sent it to the app store.

        • Jay Montano

          Most apps you have seen? How many apps have you seen to make this assessment?

          Twitter there looks different to official twitter and to inbuilt twitter. There are distinctions which if you don’t actually use WP you can’t appreciate.

          As does Office and Adobe PDF.

          To confuse on now with the people hub, that’s also quite a stretch. That looks nothing like people hub. It’s not supposed to. It more blends in with music player if anything due to the massive thumbnail.

          I think you’re critiques are unfounded as you clearly have never used WP or any of these apps before to make an assessment on the supposed over consistency of WP apps.

          If anyone spending more than 1 minute playing with these apps together could easily distinguish them unless of course you have severe learning and memory problems, by which you probably won’t know how you got the phone in your hand in the first place.

          And lastly, to prevent you from the confusion of similar looking apps when multitasking – they have labels underneath to tell you what they are. If you had ever used it, you might have been aware of it. If you have a problem reading, then I guess that might be an issue for you.

          • I’m not the one starting the name calling here; and after having been reading this blog since the beginning, I really did not expect that from you. Paragraphs 5, 6 and the latter half of the 7th were unnecessary.

            But I’ll just put that aside and get to what really matters.

            I have been using WP7 from the 9th month or so after the first WP7 phone was released onwards, which was when Microsoft first brought it to my country. This was long before its actual official release for consumers on the country, even before the NoDo update. Nokia had just mentioned its new strategy. I have already attended 3 Microsoft lectures/developer talks on Windows Phone 7 (among other technologies) so obviously I have been using WP7 for a while now. (I don’t have any WP7 phone neither use on daily basis, I just used them on developer talks and at college). I study computer science with great interest (and already working) in development.

            Our developer phones did not even have the copy and paste update, so I wouldn’t know the multitasking cards have labels underneath them.

            If you think about it, I can make an assessment about the “apps I have seen” regardless of how many apps I have seen, because I am talking about my own experience here, not simply saying “ALL MARKTPLCE WP7 APPZ R TEH SAME”. I have even written a couple of small apps for WP7. It was fairly easy to develop them but they didn’t do much anyway and the game used an open source physics engine, so we didn’t get to write the engine on the short time we had to develop them.
            Anyway, to make things clear, I have not used too many apps, though the amount of apps should be significant enough to make notice. My interest is in developing, not downloading apps. I didn’t get a developer phone in my hands to go to the marketplace and start playing games.

            Yes, calling that image the people hub was a stretch, but as I mentioned I had a test to attend in college and as such I didn’t have any time at all to gather screenshots of apps. I am posting this during the test interval and I have to get back to it already. I don’t have time to comment on anything else, so… see you later.

            • MDF

              so you have written apps and you dont know or seen tha the multitasking tabs have the names of the apps on mango. Yeah right we believe you. And if you cant distinguish th apps on wp7 then maybe you have to check your eye sight and visit your doctor

  • FiDO

    I REALLY hope Tunein app will be available on symbian 3 phones as well .. 🙁

    • MDF

      good luck with that
      to save you the trouble it wont

    • Per Sjoblom

      Why would you want that? I am using Nokia Internet Radio which works perfectly fine.

  • ricky

    lovely screenshots

  • Hypnopottamus

    Tune in Radio is an amazing app. I think it’s the best streaming app available anywhere. I have to say that I have this app on my Android device, but the UI on WP is awesome. It is far better than on Android. I like how you just swipe. On Android, you have to click on tabs.

  • stylinred

    how does it compare to the internet radio apps on the n8?

    • MDF

      its better with more stations

      • stylinred

        more stations?? oO there’s like a billion stations on the one in the n8

        • MDF

          does it have police stations like tunein?
          I dont remember that

    • Hypnopottamus

      Nokia’s Internet Radio is really good, but Tune In Radio is far better. There seems to be an infinite # of stations. You can search by genre (sports, talk, etc.), location (Africa, Asia), look for any local radio stations that are streaming, and it also has podcasts. I’ve never used the function, but apparently you can record streams also (not sure how legal this is). I’ve been VERY impressed with it.

      • MDF

        nokia internet radio is good if you havent tried an app like tunein.
        If you do you will realise its nothing special

        i couldnt find the most famous sports radio in my country on nokia’s app but there is on tunein.
        So +1 for tunein

        • spacemodel

          Where do you live?

  • If you were smart enough to be able to actually read my comment you would have noticed this sentence on my post:

    “Our developer phones didn’t even have the copy and paste update, so I wouldn’t know the multitasking cards had labels underneath it”.

    The Mango update (which brought multitasking) didn’t even exist by the time I was attending these Microsoft developer talks (from February this year onwards). They also didn’t have the NoDo update installer yet on the first talk. You should learn to read before commenting in anything. There is still NO WP7 phone in my country (maybe in São Paulo, but definitely not where I live) with the Mango update.

    Yes, I have seen the multitasking cards but I hadn’t noticed the labels.

    Anyway, continuing from where I left off on my last comment: from the apps I have seen, it seemed fairly easy to mix the apps just by seeing their screen shots. That’s why I commented. Yes, there are apps that look different but I feel the apps should be more recognizable, just like the BBC app. And I’m saying that as someone who does enjoy the Metro UI.
    End of my second break. Back to studying.

    • Thank you, WordPress, for putting my comment on the wrong place.

      • MDF

        so you didnt notice the labels just like you couldnt tell apart the apps. As i told you go check your eye sight

    • Jesse

      So basically you are commenting about things you have no knowledge about 😀

      Gotta love the internet!

    • Jay Montano

      These apps are all specificly demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800 which just happens to run Windows Phone Mango.

      I specifically waited for Nokia Hardware so that I will know that I can be sure that my audience will have the same experience as I do. Note it is called Lumiappaday. I make as few references to Windows Phone here because my target is Nokia Lumia users, not Windows Phone users.

      If you have an issue with it because it’s on a different phone that doesn’t have Mango or Nokia hardware and so apps look different and stuff, then that’s unfortunately something you’ll have to deal with.

      As for mixing apps by their screenshots – well, you’ve either just got to start the app from launcher and even if you mispress an app thumbnail, it’s like 1/8 of a second to switch to the other one.