Lumiappaday #6: Stormy7 – demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| November 25, 2011 | 28 Replies

This is Lumiappaday #6 and it’s the first of the paid apps. Let’s get going! 🙂

#6 – Stormy 7

Price: 0.99USD or 0.79GBP, but there’s also a free version.

Link (paid):

Link (free):


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Stormy7 is a fun little application that replicates steamed up glass windows extremely well.

Rating: 9.5

Design: 10 -This is a gorgeous looking application. The steamed up display on the Nokia Lumia looks like some condensation really has gotten into the beautiful curvy display. Touching the display cleans up the steamy glass and you will also notice that it also replicates the formation of drops that follows the accelerometer, so if you turn the Lumia, the drops also run along.

Something else that’s really impressive is blowing on the screen (like when you breath on cold glass) restores the steaminess. As well as visuals, you also get some sounds, from rain, thunder and lighting sounds, hail, to the squeak of the screen.


Usability: 9 – The controls are cleanly placed at the bottom, and you can even choose to set your own pictures as the background. Either take a photo or bring up your own albums effortlessly from the phone itself or from online albums, like facebook. You can set thunder and lightning and hail.

You can also take add texts and take screenshots that are saved to your saved pictures album which you can share later as well. Settings is neatly played out. The only thing I have an issue with is the switch that I thought I’d swipe but often goes to the next page. Just tap it instead.

Performance: 9 – I had problems with this crashing the first time I installed this on my Omnia7 many months ago, but like tons of apps I’ve been using, the developers are CONSTANTLY providing updates, adding features, improving stability etc. On the Lumia 800 this app is very fast, very slick, no issues.

There is pretty much no delay in rubbing the fog off the screen, it’s very quick and just feels natural; the slight delay perceivable before that is now gone makes the experience so much better. Blowing on the display works immediately (you’re supposed to do it near the microphone but the app picks it up enough). Instead of blowing, you can also breath on it like you would a cold window. It’s pretty neat.

The drops follow the orientation of the Lumia 800 instantly, as well as the rain and hail. The only thing I didn’t like was the squeak sound on the screen but thankfully than can be disabled.

Price: 10 – Whilst it is a paid app, you can get a free ad supported version. For 99 cents (thankfully this translates to 79pence in the UK and not £1 as Nokia Store would have done) this developer has made an app that is so worth it for me.

Conclusion: It’s correctly priced for a really polished, fun experience so makes it very easy to recommend on a spur of the moment buy. it has no exact uses. It’s just for a bit of fun. My little cousins love this app.

P.S. Oh and with paid apps, you don’t have to worry about redownload limits. Marketplace will say “buy” though it will tell you that you have already paid for it and can go ahead and download.



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  • Patata

    9,5/10? Really? So it doesn’t matter for your rating if an app is usefull at all? Guess That explains why you are pleased with Windows Phone. It depends on what the user expects from his smartphone(OS). While the “poweruser” complains about all the things that WP still can’t offer and probably never will offer, others are more like the typical iPhone users. They need the phone to make some calls, browse the internet, install the latest fart app and share all that with their “friends” via social networks.
    Just hope that Nokia won’t forget those who want more or a different kind of experience.

    • mussab

      Not useful?

      You mean you don’t think games and fun apps useful, therefor they don’t deserve a good score?

      Or do you mean that your taste doesn’t find such app “fun”, so it should get a bad rating?

    • Sun Down

      Wow. Elitist much? Even as a veteran Symbian user, I appreciate an application like this on a Nokia.

      • Patata

        Never said that there should be no apps like that, but the rating that Jay gave it, tells a lot about his understandment of a smartphone OS and explains very well why wp is perfect for his needs 😉

        • JayMontano

          Usefulness is highly subjective.

          Each app is reviewed on its own merit of what the developer made it for, did it fill that brief, does it function well, is it well made.
          I would have given the same rating idle this was a Symbian or N9 app. Clearly because it is Wap you will have your distinct disgust for it

        • viipottaja

          again, what rating should a fantastic game, for example, get then? since you must have such great understanding of smartphone OSs and all…

    • Oh Hei

      patata…You’re just envious!

      It’s a cool app, and fun; you’re stodgy and boring, and will never experience anything cool like this for your phone! And you know you want to!

      You were that kid that all of the cool and fun kids didn’t want to play with; you then convinced yourself that it didn’t mean anything that they wanted nothing to do with you; you had to do the positive self talk thingy ‘I’m better than them, even though I’m playing by myself’ (or was it ‘with myself’?)

      You’re just jealous 🙂

  • MDF

    what does the rating have to do with the fact that the app is useful or not

    of course as a symbian user you have forgotten that people can have fun with their phones too

    • Patata

      But if that doesn’t count, there will be no difference between a rating for a fart app or one that offers something more.
      Anyway, I understand that for the most people those smartphones are mostly a toy to play with.
      I guess most of those people, who buy such apss, are the same kind of people who paid for all those Jamba ringtones and other stuff in the pre-smartphone era

      • MDF

        first this in not a fart app. Its quite good and clever actually. Secondly what you fail to understand is that even apps like this are useful. They provide brief moments of joy especially when you show them to young children. So for me its better than the 105th news reader app that jay could had instead presented.

      • Jay Montano

        I picked this app because it has interesting interaction modes. Touch, accelerometer, and speaker.

        Applications by their nature are useful depending on the user. Someone might find office useful, someone else might not. Someone might need angry birds, someone else might not.

        As long as it fills the brief and does it really well, and it’s quite impressive for something that is just a bit of fun, then it deserves a rating.

        There are other fun apps, to be shown next week, than have no other use than what the developer chose, but that app is so well made, and always impresses friends that play with it.

      • Hypnopottamus

        Guess you don’t understand what rating an app is all about. An app is rated based on how well it performs what it’s suppose to do. It isn’t rated on the merit or usefulness of the app.

  • micu

    can you make this lumiaappday in the other section? because it is easier to differentiate between news and apps. thanks.

    • yoyo

      I would actually prefer one post a day with several apps, so you really get all the app reviews once a day. Just likes the name (Lumiappaday)suggest.

    • JayMontano


  • wow freaking awesome 🙂

    I liked the sounds very much.

  • yoyo

    iFart, Stormy7; potàto, potáto; crap, shit

    • MDF

      thank you for your highly infomative post
      now go download the 25th news reader on your meego phone

      • viipottaja

        I have a Maemo (N900) phone and AFAIK there aren’t that many news readers for it.. :p perhaps that has changed for the N9 😉

        • yoyo

          Same here. But unlike other crippled OSses who have inferior browsers we don’t need apps 😛 (pun intended)

  • Noki

    and you paid for that??? like really??? ok….

    • jims

      lol yeah, amazes me what people do with their phones. Oh well, each to their own I guess

    • Jay Montano

      Yup, and it seems plenty of others are willing too as well. Even friends on iPhone asked what it was and wanted it (And some others I showed them).

      These type of apps, just fun apps, impress a little – well made, and priced cheap enough for a spur of the moment buy, they work.

      Think back at timilar offscreen apps (or what’s the name of that other prolific Symbian developer?) I would have been showcasing similar apps, and I have, when I had Symbian phones. It’s a shame that just because they were Symbian they weren’t being attacked, but now that I’m on WP, it’s immediately getting attacked simply because they don’t find it useful.

      • Patata

        “Even friends on iPhone asked what it was”

        yeah, cause they have similar interests as you probably have. They love to spend a lot of money for useless apps, cause they are clueless about how else a smartphone could be used 😉

        • Jay Montano

          Perhaps they were just normal people who weren’t elitist assholes? 😀

  • Is this brand new phone of Nokia? look same like mine.. But i bought couple months ago.. may this is reborn version..

    • MDF

      yes its a better version of yours
      if you have not heard yours have a dead os in it lol

  • Jesse

    Great review for a great app! Very fun time killer, love to take photos when I am traveling on stormy days and play with it!

    Especially love to do effect with Fantasia Painter first and then import them into this app! Windows Phone is stocked with productivity apps, sometimes you just have to have fun, even on stormy days : )