Eldar’s Nokia N9 Review Part 1

| November 30, 2011 | 59 Replies


After scathingly saying the N9 was rubbish and no time was going to be spent reviewing it, here’s Eldar’s Nokia N9 review.

  • No future but attractive for geeks
  • Says N9 has unique points which WP7 does not (clearly bitter. I’m not saying WP is perfect – it is far from it, but to make such a claim there’s nothing unique in WP is as truthful as his claims that the N8 has a mediocre camera. Eh?)
  • Reminds us of the resemblance to the iPod nano, which he ranted on to the full during launch (nothing there was nothing special to the N9, the screen was mediocre though it performed well/better than SGSII according to GSM Arena)
  • Says the plastic is not expensive like the iPhone glass and metal, saying it’s used in cheap plastic phones like Asha.
  • Is there really any point reading on? Well try as there are some positives too.
  • Likes the protective glass, unusual but nice apparently. Yay.
  • Not sure why when showing dimensions of the phone, he’d put the cover on.
  • Finds fonts small and difficult to read
  • 2 day battery life – says it’s one of the strong points of the phone and MeeGo saying it’s quite an achievement compared to Android and comparable to iPhone.
  • Says pictures are decent on a summers day.
  • Says Nokia’s claims on fastest camera are exaggerated – Xperia Ray apparently faster.
Next part is more on MeeGo and the bundled software.
So there we go. Although you might not like to hear words of Eldar, N9 fans might as he speaks some positives here. Conspiracists not trusting of anything Eldar says regarding Nokia might think it’s just for a longer term scathing attack at WP. Oh well, whatever the case, that was part one of the review that he was never going to do. lol.
Cheers W-A for the tip.

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