Nokia Singapore to unveil the Lumia 800 on 7 December

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Nokia Singapore

Alright Nokia fans from Singapore, including myself, save this date, 7 December, in your calendar as the Amazing Everyday will be rocking Singapore soon.

Prior to the launch day, there will be plenty of other amazing activities in store for you. So click on the link below to find out more.

Btw, I never knew there was Knightsbridge in Singapore. Lol the only Knightsbridge I am familiar with is the one in London where Harolds is.

On a more serious note, I don’t want to ruin the mood but I personally feel that Nokia has to do more to regain the loss of market and mind share in the Lion City. The Amazing Everyday seems like an effective marketing campaign but the “Apple is amazing” mantra has been deeply entrenched into the minds of most Singaporeans. I shall stop ranting and confine my rants to a separate post.

Anyway, back to the topic. Just an observation on my part, as I was touring Orchard Ion, a luxurious shopping complex in the heart of Singapore, earlier today, I came across the Nokia Singapore Flagship store and was pleased to see live demo units of Lumia 800 displayed. I guess this is part of Nokia Singapore’s effort to prepare for the launch. So, for those who can’t wait to get your eager hands on them, you can go down to the Nokia Store or the mobile operator retail shops at Ion to give that gorgeous baby a test drive. Not too sure if other outlets in Singapore have these live demo units.

Disclaimer: The following information might not be accurate and subject to revision.

While playing with the phone, I realised that, like the Hong Kong edition, it lacks Nokia Drive, Maps and Music services. Not too sure if that particular handset or the entire Singapore variant is lacking these applications. I would need to visit the other stores to find out and clarify with the sales staff.

I hope to keep you updated with pictures of Nokia Lumia Phones in Singapore and find out about the missing Nokia apps.

In the meantime, 🙂 and wait patiently.

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Cheers Heron for the tip!


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