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Now that Nokia has made a great start on the Lumia branding (concentrated on the Nokia 800), with the tiles and Amazing every day stuff. Now Nokia seems to now be starting pushing out the cheaper 710.

The Nokia 710 is expected around 270 Euros (minus taxes/subsidies) – perhaps about 260GBP? Essentially the same as the Nokia 800 internally (so same great core experience), though you do get:

  • Swappable batteries
  • Exchangeable colourful covers
  • Physical buttons
  • Still beautiful design (like the 603 which in turn was like the original Nokia WP concept)
  • 5MP camera (honestly, I am actually not enjoying the camera on my 800. I don’t see what advantages the 800 would offer over the 5MP. Perhaps it’s because the camera is always dirty or I’ve just expected my Nokias to do better – especially after the N8. I like touch focus though)
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I think it’s great that Nokia are associating ubiquitous tiles that are vibrant and colourful with the Nokia brand. There’s no mention really of Windows Phones so the attention goes towards Nokia. Even though experience might be the same on a competitor product for the most of it, what they will see and hopefully want they will ask for is not Windows Phone, but a Lumia. That’s great for Nokia and Microsoft probably doesn’t care. I mean, how much Microsoft branding is in Xbox? There was a documentary a while ago that talked about Mega brands. Hardly any casual person on the street knew it had anything to do with Microsoft, one surprised it was connected with such a dinosaur.
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