Lumia sales estimates at 2 Million? (from launch till end Q4, aka 6 weeks)

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In some confusion over what got posted yesterday based on RBS estimates, apparently the Lumia may reach as high as 2 million by the end of the year from those 6 initial countries? Estimates based on what though?

They point out that the Lumia 800 was not reached public consciousness. That’s true. It’s not even a month on the shelves or hit worldwide. It takes years to build a brand reputation. They’re trying that with Lumia. Apple have had since 2007. Samsung have been steady hitters with SGS, SGSII and various galaxy series. Nokia? As I mentioned yesterday – the name is no longer associated with the cream of the crop stuff.

YLE says that a Radolphe Aucordier from Phone House in paris notes that many people who change phones often are picking up the Lumia, but the WP OS is still very much unknown and aren’t sure whether it’s better over the known iPhone and Android (even more me, sometimes it’s better the devil you know. It’s hard moving to something that is unproven and an unknown entity).

 A ‘technology expert’ of France’s largest economics affairs Journals, Benoit Georges, is apparently impressed by the Lumia 800.

“It’s a great device. It is the first Windows 7 phone that is comparable to the iPhone. The only problem is timing. This kind of device should have been brought to market 2-3 years ago. Now, the market is very fragmented and the images of Nokia and Microsoft are not very good,”

1.4GHz AMOLED Clear Black 8MP 720p in 2008? Hell yeah. Lol. Everyone likes to say the “should have brought out years ago” thing. I don’t think they mean literally with these specs, but something that brings it in line with the user experience and the expectations for that time (to be on par with the competition which on some aspects like processor, the Lumia 800 is not – though let’s see something like the N9/800 – the user experience is not in any way hampered by Single Core).

The estimates are indeed varied. Whilst RBS reckons 1 million, YLE says Deutsche Bank forcasts up to two million.

Let me repeat again, either way, what ever the numbers (both are good) Nokia has said the plans are to get the Nokia WP handsets OUT in 2011, to ship in volume in 2012. I mean it was launched in 6 countries, with the data for its supposed failure based on google trends thanks to Analysts. :S

Cheers Joni for the tip!


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