Rovio CEO’s wife wears beautiful Angry Birds Dress at Finland’s Independence Day Celebrations

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This wasn’t what I thought when I read, “Angry Birds Dress”. I’m not a fashion expert, but as iltasanomat reports, it does look quite elegant and stylish for a dress that’s themed around a light hearted game of Angry Birds, no? Jomojn who tipped this in also likes the dress.  That eye is quite captivating.


Jumojn tells us that as part of the Independence Day celebration for Finland today (December 6th), the Teija Vesterbacka wife of Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio’s CEO, Creator of the spectacularly popular Angry Birds) wore an Angry Birds dress.–puku-paalla-linnassa—lintu-piti-saada-mukaan/art-1288433502217.html#

Very tastefully done – designed by Katri  Niskanen. Fellow fashion designer Justin Niskanen said the result was ” result is a stylish and elegant”.

Cheers Jumojn for the tip!


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  • MyNokiaLife

    Thats got to be one very happy lady.

    • spbond

      That knows shit about fashion!

      • PJ

        I think it look really good, then again, I’m not a fashion guru like yourself.

  • Viipottaja

    Lol.. funny. Btw, the designer was _Katri_ Niskanen, according to Iltasanomat.

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks for the update. Misread fashion designer Justin as the one who made the dress, but he was just commenting on it. Cheers 🙂

  • Jim

    I don’t know anything about finland independence day (historical speaking), but in most of the cases independence were earned with a lot of blood… so making from this a marketing material leaves a bad taste in your mouth

    • Foobar

      Finland’s independence was obtained by a single visit to St. Petersburg. Most likely thanks to the chaotic situation due to the revolution, they managed to get Russia to declare Finland’s independence without any troubles.

      The problems arose 20 years later in the form of Winter War. Other than that, Finland hasn’t needed to fight for their independence. I’m not too familiar how deeply Finland was involved in 2nd World War, I know they were allied to the Axis, but also that they left it later and got Lapland burned by Germany.

      • keizka

        Well, there was that nasty civil war too…

      • Jon
      • PJ

        Finland was a big part of WW2 and a huge reason why Soviet didn’t overrun northern Europe. If Finland wouldn’t have stand up against the Red Army then it’s a absolute guarantee that countrys like Sweden, Norway and Denmark wouldn’t exist today and that Europe would have burned in a war that would have taken many more years between Soviet and the Axis. A war that America never would have joined.

        And Finland wasn’t an allie of the Axis in a similar way as say Italy. Finland didn’t share the views of the axis and never helped Germany in their war efforts outside their own borders. The only reason they asked the Axis for help was because they didn’t get any real help from the Allies despite several requests since they didn’t have the backbone to stand up agains The Soviet Union. Finland and the Axis had a common enemy and when they started demanding more they kicked out the Axis forces from Finland and that resulted in the burning of several cities in Lappland.

        • EsP

          First of all in Continuation War it was Finnish forces that attacked Soviet Union. Second, when Finnish forces had lost the war they didn’t really wage a war against Axis forces. More of let them leave. When Soviet Union made a note of this and threatened to occupy Finland then Finnish armed forces started to really push Axis out of here.

          So quit the bullshit.

          I’m finnish and proud to be one. But I know my history and I’m not blinded by propaganda.

          • Toivoja

            Yeah… But before the Finns attacked the Soviet Union, it was the Soviets whom bombed Helsinki and other cities. After that Finns Attacked.

            Maybe the Finns would have attacked either way but they struck first and we retaliated.

      • Finn

        Except the bloodiest civil war of 20th century in Europe with Russian red army and Germans involved right after the vote for indepence.

        Huge amount of population died during and after that war – and plenty of it was civilian population. Also mass executions whitout proper trial and huge prison camps afterwards. It was so bad in fact that even today it has been touchy subject for many and not easy for historians to handle.

        And war with Russia already in early 1920s. (Usually forgotten, because it was minor incident).

        Oh and all the Baltic countries lost their independence during World War II as Finland was ment to do too. Stalin thought he could march in Helsinki in two weeks. To end the War with Finland in 1944 – the Russians arranged the most dence mass fire in the whole Worl War II – D-day did not compare even close.

        And our ansestors did this with 3,5 million population. Practically whole nation had been injured by the war. All had lost relatives and there were huge amount of young invalids of war. I don’t think we would be up to that today with the 5 million of us now.

    • PJ

      I am a proud Finn and I have no problem with the dress. Finland has a bloody history and the independence day is an importan day for all Finns. But she’s not making fun or light of the people who laid down their lives and even suggesting something like that I find incredebly insulting, especially from an outsider. She wares it because it’s something to be proud about, not to market the game. That would be stupid since EVERYONE knows what Angry Birds is in Finland. It may only be a game but it one of the, if not The most successful game ever made.

      Finland has much to be proud of and some are as trivial, in the large scheme of thing, as games.
      If you can’t be proud about the little things then how can you be proud of the big ones?

  • Duffe

    I don’t think that many will be upset by that dress. If someone is it will be probebly because “it’s not traditonel”. I as Finn think that that costume is awesome 😀

  • tholj

    if think it’s ok i was expecting something more “disneyland”. i know independance day is a big stuff in finland my ex girlfriend used to watch the ceremony on live streaming. i guess this will make a big buzz there.

  • eze

    before the party her husband told her if you dont wear this dress i’ll divorce you and marry that 21yr old model. haha she had no choice

  • TrollerRoller

    Instead I like to see Elop dressed as big green Pig and Ballmer dressed as big red bird

    • Lloydo


  • iphone wannabe – nokia lumia 800

    she is gonna be an angry wife soon

  • They made a fortune on this little game.
    So she can wear whatever she wants.
    You guys can complain and criticize, but you can’t touch her. Keep talking, she might be interested.

  • iphone wannabe – nokia lumia 800

    the company become rich, let use installous! dowload sis from non-nokia site, look for .deb

  • stylinred

    ….. i could swear shes having a wardrobe malfunction 😉

    Im surprised Rovio is so big in Finland to be invited to Independence celebrations

    • Matti

      They are one the fastest growing new corporations in the world. The founders just declined 2,5 billion buy out.

      These new fast growing tech corporations are one of the key factors for our future. Now that Nokia is turning from a technology creator into just a consumer logo used to sell american technology, we need new drivers for our technology sector. Preident did well inviting Rovio into the party.

  • tunny

    angry what …. Lol, she look like india girl wasn’t she ?nordic ….. blond hair ?

    • Matias

      Not all nordic people have light hair and skin, have a look at the Saami people for instance, they are actually quite dark, not some blonde Helgas and Svens as you foreigners Like to imagine them 😛

    • Viipottaja

      died hair. like 75% of Finnish women, probably. 🙂

  • tunny

    good relationship Finn and russia is key point no doubt Nevertheles russia people originaly came from scandinavia wasn.t they ? no matter what russia still view them as thier brother, same as germany and iran , malay and south chinese, turkic and west chinese or korea with north chinese. That’s why nokia not popular in usa, u have to become russia enemy if u want success there , it works for south korea and taiwan company.

  • laowaijoha

    As a Finn I see no reason to get upset, I think it was clever and original. There were much uglier dresses spotted that night, gay couples, glam rockers, bad hairdos, sloppy suits, etc.

    However I don’t see what this has to do with anything Nokia related…
    Jorma Ollila was there, and IMHO his wife’s dress was pretty ugly. Elop wasn’t invited I guess.

    PS. Finnish independence is a big thing. Finland was the only country to actually successfully resist and push back a Soviet invasion in WW2.

    • Matias

      What’s wrong with gay couples? I’m guessing you voted for True Finns, you little son-of-a-Halla-aho 😀

      • laowaijoha

        Nothing wrong with gay couples, and no I didn’t vote persu. Also nothing wrong with glam rockers. Just saying there’s plenty of more obvious targets for the yellow media to write shit on.

  • laowaijoha

    Oh and please stop using Iltasanomat or Iltalehti as a source… It will ruin your credibility. Anything Nokia related, they will probably just check your blog first and just copy paste it without quoting— that’s how proffessional they are (tabloids).

  • t t

    Hello Jay! Rovio CEO’s familyname is Vesterbacka, not Vester.

    • Jay Montano

      Hi, thanks.

      I was wondering why the name didn’t sound Finnish and sounded unfamiliar to me. I did not realise that the translator also changed the name.

    • Iiroj

      The success of Angry Birds is tremendous. However, some details from this post and several others could be straightened out: Peter is the Marketing Director and Mighty Eagle of Rovio. CEO of Rovio is Mikael Hed. Peter is the brains behind the marketing of Angry Birds and deserves all the credit for that part of the success. The game itself was created first for Apple iOS in 2009. Peter joined Rovio in 2010 (source: LinkedIn)

  • D_G

    one question concerning Angry birds..will the various versions be released on the N9? there has only been a release of the Angry birds magic..

    i didnt know the creator was finish and nokia is those 2 things must be the biggest thing out of finland??!! (is Ikea Finish?)

    • Andaman

      Don’t know if IKEA is finished already but it’s not Finnish either ,) IKEA is Swedish.

      Yes Angry Birds was created by the Finnish Rovio. Finns are rather big in game industry actually, Max Payne was the first big hit from Finland.

      Even the national carrier Finnair wears Angry Birds:

      Oh yes the mighty NOKIA has their headquarters in Finland.

      • Jay Montano

        If you watched Transformers (1) you’ll hear Nokia’s from Japan :p

  • Teemu Ilvan

    Picture is stolen from photographier Matti Matikainen. Did yuo ask permission from photographier to publish picture?

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