Ubuntu Mobile Concept Overlayed On N9

| December 7, 2011 | 24 Replies

I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I should post this, as it has been drawn up by someone in their free time, but I thought it may give some of you hope. Although Elop said the N9 will be the first and last MeeGo powered phone, he did not say Nokia wouldn’t be producing any other Linux based devices. That said, I present to you the Ubuntu Phone.

As you can see in the concept drawings, it uses an N9. In my opinion, it is a very childish take on a phone UI, but since Android has become quite successful despite its colourful array of icons and childish look, I’d say it may do alright.

Taking cues from MeeGo-Harmattan, the Ubuntu mobile concept features swipe gestures for multitasking and app launching. Being Linux based, it would still be a hacker’s delight. (However, I think MeeGo-Harmattan looks more polished and definitely more “smartphoney”.)

Here are two other takes on a Ubuntu Mobile OS;
Would you welcome a UI like this in the future? Or would it make Nokia phones too Android? What if this had come out instead of Android, should Nokia have adopted it? Tell us your thoughts on the UI concepts below, as well as whether or not you think Nokia will introduce another Linux based OS in the future.

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