Symbian Belle confirmed for “early next year”. No more Q4 2011

| December 8, 2011 | 81 Replies

Following the news that Belle might not be out as an update until February 2012 (for Thailand) Nokia UK tweeted yesterday that yup, it’s not coming in Q4 2011 at all.

This confirms what my other source had been suggesting but obviously could not fully disclose. Furthermore a couple of days ago we got forwarded this email (let’s say from anonymous) of an email exchange with “Stephen Elop” or who ever looks after that account – I’m doubtful he has the time to answer all of these user emails.

Anyway he said:

Hello there,

There was not a specific date promise that I am aware of, but my
understanding is that it will be during the first quarter of next year
that it is available.



The Q4 date was not ‘officially’ mentioned. It was just during the launch event in that chat box thing where people can read what was being mentioned, and then later during a virtual Q&A with some Nokia managers. At least it wasn’t as relatively official as Anna.

Seems like a repeat of PR2.0. You guys have already discussed much in the last thread. Belle is already here in the 701, 700 and 603.

It’s just the case of getting that on the older generation hardware, on different variants (e.g. n8 specific for the camera), different languages, countries, networks etc, plus the possibility that it is just Symbian possibly getting more difficult to change without possibly accounting for all bugs.

There’s also still Carla and Donna to come – which look like they will at least look awesome on new Symbian devices.

Cheers David for the twitter tip!


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  1. weirdfisher says:

    symbian = nothing to elop

  2. ROHIT says:

    FINALY NOKIA MADE A STATEMENT SYMBIAN BELLE RELEASE DELAYED TO Q1 2012.. nokia is making users fool are making users angry to never switch back to nokia phones again….
    nokia promised users the will bring symbian belle in this q4 2011…and the giving no value for their promise…are these nokia guys so brainless or lazy to built up a UI like belle on time..though BELLE is released in august fo smartphones 603,700 etc…they couldnt fix bugs for symbian belle running on n8…unbelivable…
    good bye nokia……..and dont release belle for 2012 release it in 2015 or later….keep everything in pending….NOKIA MARKETS WILL FALL……..

  3. jbb_lkh says:

    This is so depressing.

  4. Erik says:

    Thank god i updated to belle just recently

  5. dave says:

    ok, shame on you nokia. i will install the leaked version today. thats so stupid!

  6. Ronit says:

    Even more urgency now to release leaked Belle versions for the E7-00/C6-01/X7-00 etc.

  7. N8-02 says:

    So, i will never use nokia symbian phone again ,
    also i will never use an android phone (common os)
    I use a different look ,os which is the nokia lumia 800 or 710
    good by symbian

  8. yemko can also troll says:

    Rest in peace nokia! Wanna force symbian fans to Wp but they donno that they are chasing fans away! *palmface*

  9. bgg says:

    lie again

    nokia is shit

  10. tunny says:

    nokia wp got update and not symbian^3 once again brilliant decision made by nokia ceo, now all of us know why symbian being kicking out, symbian team so slow …. ,

  11. Shriek says:

    somewhere sitting in his basement COD3error or whatever is crack name was must be laughing in glee

  12. Cod3rror says:

    Hahah, great job Nokia! Nokia being Nokia.

    How can you guys still be a fan and support such a dishonest, incompetent company that absolutely does not care about their customers?

    Always delays, then when it finally releases something it’s outdated and irrelevant, then the process starts again, waiting, waiting, waiting.

    But hey, you deserve it, of you tolerate such a company and still support it .

    Enjoy your waiting.

  13. flopjoke says:

    Right. Time to flash my N8 with the leaked Belle. At least hackers are ALWAYS on time. Pfft.

  14. kaiwangailan says:

    Finally i got rid of nokia, now i own samsung galay s II and i love it so much.

    • Cod3rror says:

      Smart man!

      Welcome to the modern world, you’ll be amazed how much you’ve been missing.

      • unknown says:

        I would like to rephrase that:

        ‘Smart’ man!

        Welcome to MY world. you’ll be amazed how much you’ve been missing. such as:

        1) Trolling on various nokia websites 24/7
        2) Piss off nokia fans and supporters
        3) Be forever alone
        4) Have lame cronies such as ‘Team Cod3error’ and ‘TrollerRoller’ to back you up

        And loads more!

        Seriously, if ur device is that good until u consider it better than GOD, then STFU. There wont be any spike in sales numbers if u come and promote your device on the internet alone, especially when it is another manufacturer. Same goes with nokia users.

  15. H0r5t Gu3nth3r says:

    Muhahahaha Belle is fucking up by Carla & Donna Roadmap and must fixing up …Its a terrible shit by Nokia…thats all Scriptkiddies in this company…no professionals who are made quality…

  16. xyberxy says:

    aw… bad news,I thought belle will be a Christmas present.

  17. k. says:

    Flashed the latest Belle on my N8 and its awesome! there is only one problem, for some reason after flashing and hard resetting my phone memory goes down to 20MB :(.. good thing my previous phone was N97 lol I’m prepared haha. anyways I’m using 111.030.0607.360.04

  18. End_user says:

    NOKIA MARKETS WILL FALL…… is making users fool are making users angry to never switch back to nokia phones again….

    NOKIA TELL LIES!!!!!!!!!

  19. Just Visiting says:

    If your phone operates in the manner in which is was intended – making and receiving phone calls, primarily – I don’t understand why the fuss over waiting a few more weeks before the Belle update is rolled out. Nokia initially stated that the update would be released in Q4 onwards, which I ‘read’ to mean late December 2011 and into early 2012. (Sometimes, folks, you just have to set a realistic ‘internal’ expectation for these types of things!). No disappointments here!

    It’s more important that Nokia ensure that this update has fewer bugs/issues than what was reported with Anna, and it is important that once the rollout begins, that it is smooth and more organized than Anna. At the end of the day, folks will still have to wait once the rollout begins because not everyone is going to get it first, on day one, or even within the first two weeks of it being released.

    I can wait – I want a flawless update. I refused to install Anna, and I am really hoping that I don’t need to install Anna in order to get Belle. If you need Belle, like today, then perhaps a 603, 700, or 701 should be on your list of new purchases.

  20. Kishore says:

    Time to look around & switch loyalties. ICS looking 4 U.

  21. arun says:

    i thought nokia was best company . but you guys are ..!!!1
    i always advice people to buy nokia phone but from now i will not do this again ..
    bye bye nokia i am selling my phone and planing to buy android phone …
    hate you nokia

    • Nrde says:

      Oh come on, how does a late FW affect phone usage? Did your Nokia phone suddenly become worse than it was yesterday before this news? if it is, why donät you just install the leaked Belle on it, you know the same way Andoird and iOS need to be rooted to get the latest unrestricted FW into them in timely manner.

      Sometimes I think I’m way too old for the internet and especially commenting on anything because the discussions seem to be full of cry babies.

  22. moataz says:

    i have nokia c7 and i still wating for the new symbian (symbian belle) i hope it well be comes soon

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