Unicorn (White 64GB) N9 Available NOW on Difficult to Pronounce Finnish Site!

| December 8, 2011 | 41 Replies

It’s a snowy Christmas for sure this year, guess what’s made it just in time to land in your stockings (provided you have large~ish feet). YES! the Amazingly Beautifully Awesome White 64GB N9 is HERE NOW! Availble through Finish store “verkkokauppa.com”  (If you pronounce it properly on your first try you get a free N9 :D ). Anyways it’s priced at 629 Euros- same as Expansy listing (same as the black version, Hooray for equality), if you feel like getting a certain Blogger a nice Christmas present head on over to: (Quantity is listed as >25 pieces so no need to fight you can all get me one).


Thanks to Incognito for the tip.

Couldn’t resist just putting one pic so heres another one to keep you company while your credit card is emptied err processed:

Update (Jay): BTW this is the same site we listed having pre-orders. This time they have it at 70 Euros cheaper.

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