Lumiappaday #24: Shopping List demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| December 10, 2011 | 7 Replies

This is a very minimalistic but very useful application for creating lists – shopping lists or any kind really.



#24)  Shopping list

 Price: Free



Developer Blurb:

Throw away the pen and paper and manage all of your shopping lists in one place: your Windows®Phone. Make customized lists for your shopping trips and easily check off each item as you find it. Have something you buy all the time? Add it to favorites so you can quickly put it on your next shopping list. Forgetting an item will be a thing of the past!

 Rating: 8.5

Design: 7

It’s pretty plain, nothing really going on here. But it’s straight to the point, it’s a list. It is nicely laid out in Metro which will come useful for usability.


Usability: 9

It’s a very straight forward app as there’s not much more to is except creating different lists of things. I use this not just for groceries but things to do, assignments, itineraries, revision topics, christmas present list, christmas card list etc. You need to list it, this is a great app for it.

What I really like is that you can tick things off in your list. A swipe to the right shows you what’s in your basket (could be things you’ve done) and another swipe brings you to the shelf, (other things you need to get, do).

To edit/delete an item or a list, long press over it. You can also change the quantities of items in the list by typing on the number.

I’ve found this immensely useful doing actual grocery shopping and as a todo list. You get what you came in for, and not a million other things except that. The simple basket/shelf division makes it more useful for me than the standard paper/digital list as it’s easy to see what’s here and what’s left.


Performance: 8

It’s fast to start and navigate, though adding items to a list has a little progress bar. Why should there be time for me to watch a progress bar? Admittedly it’s not even half a second, but I have grown impatient for things like this. Especially when the app is pretty simple.

Making lists aside, using the lists later is very easy. The app is also stable, yet to experience a problem on the Lumia 800 (and have not on my other first WP).

There is some slowdown when adding to a rather large list. But so far, just fractions of a second. I notice it.

Price: 10

It’s free, no ads.


It’s a very useful list making app, helps get organized, which might be key this time of the year what with all the festivities and events needed to be done all at once.


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  • In the commercials for WP7 in the US, they show a man at the store, and the grocery list was updated in real time remotely by his kids at home on their PC. Is this functionality part of this app, is it another app, or is this just more of the carriers showing a feature that doesn’t even exist?

    • MDF

      thats the onenote
      its in the office hub
      its better than all of this type of apps ofcourse
      pretty cool

      • Jesse

        I agree, OneNote makes all these apps fairly useless. OneNote covers so many scenarios so very well!

        It isn’t that these types of apps aren’t good, just OneNote is so powerful and sync’s with so many devices.

        • Frank

          I didnt know you can do that with Onenote, learnt a new thing thanks to you guys!

  • Anjanu Sonkar

    all this is tempting me more and more towards Lumia 800 as N9 is not available here…but where the hell is the front facing camera NOKIA!!!

  • yemko can also troll

    wtf! After tasting what open source is, so Elop is expecting open source fans to migrate to closed source Os! No!!!
    I won’t give my money to nokia again after disposing my 701…

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