My Nokia N8 has died :( Search to revive/find another.

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Not exactly sure what happened. We were filming a house viewing (and partly testing it to do long filming as I’ve been asked to film the Manchester Medics Panto on Wednesday) and half way through recording (possibly 14 minutes in) the N8 spazzes out and freezes. Then it just refuses to turn on. I thought it might have been a charging issue but it’s not charging by either pin or USB charger, nor is it connecting to the computer.

There’s fortunately (or unfortunately?!) threads from other users giving suggestions on what to do but none have worked. I guess this N8 has met its maker and has had its time. It is one of the early batch ones that were known to possibly have a fault that would cause this – I guess I’ve been lucky for it to have survived all our filming, photo taking, video recording, app crunching etc. Mine was such a trooper. Even when one of the bottom caps came loose.

It’s annoying because I still use it as a camera for nights out. It is awesome. Phone AND pocket camera that takes great night photos. I was really hoping to get official Belle on it which would make this truly awesome (both speedy, less stressful operation with a great camera to boot). Guess it is not to be. Shame, shame. Unlike some other old phones I have, the N8 hasn’t lost its usefulness. I must now have to contend with the annoying 4GB limit on my camera (which equates to 12 minutes HD, or 20 minutes VGA.  Yeah it sucks) and blurry LED lit photos :(. Our best videos from Nokia World came from the Nokia N8 because it was much easier to use than my 60D (filming people or filming a handset, one hand, it’s better to have the lighter more maneuverable N8 than a 2-3KG camera that has no autofocus and can’t take long videos (Darn 4GB limit of my 60D). Nearly 80% of my facebook albums have been from a Nokia packed with Xenon. I might go back to my N82 actually for next week (last bunch of medic events before end of term).

In case this does happen to you, you could bring it to a Nokia Care point. This should be covered within warranty and they will either fix or replace your N8. Happened to me before with other Nokia handsets and Nokia Care have just sent one (no blogger assistance, I went through the normal channels, not that it would have made a difference back then).

I think this is a limit issue as there was an initial small batch that was both prone to scratches more so than other Nokia N8s. I think it was also one that Nokia has accepted so Nokia Care would be aware of this issue and would deal with it promptly.

Some possible things that might work:

  1. Hold power button for 20 seconds (supposedly just 8 but try for longer)
  2. Leave to charge for a while. Try different chargers, wires MicroUSB, pin charger, via PC or via car charger
  3. Plug in a different phone first that works and charges, then put Nokia N8 in? (Not sure how that works but some have reported it does).
  4. Hard Reset Nokia N8. It will wipe the mass memory but you might get your N8 back.
  5. Flash your N8? (Though I guess it would have to be recognized on the computer)
  6. Change your battery – it’s not designed to be replaced by the user but it can be. Remember how quickly Steve Litchfield changed his?
  7. Get a new Nokia N8? Wait, wait, I know this might not be a solution to most, but you can get them for ridiculously low prices now. It’s not ideal but @Dani2xll pointed out you can get a Nokia N8 for just £10.50 a month! wow. (via )That’s £10.50 from Carphone Warehouse. That means if you search, you can get it even lower with cashback (where you get refunds after each 3 months or so for returning your bill. This works because so many forget to do so. If you’re conscientious and organized, you can get some really awesome deals for your phone. My housemate uses this type of scheme and is basically having a free phone and contract out of it).
  8. If all else fails, as mentioned there is Nokia Care to go to. There are possibly other solutions I haven’t encountered yet too.
Amazon listings for Nokia N8 have it at quite respectably around £280. That’s similar price to some listings at eBay (cheaper in fact) for a new N8. Used ones vary depending on condition from £175 to £230, and also whether or not it is locked. The latter is important to check as you need to know if will run on your network. (Preferably, choose unlocked devices). Bidding might get you a cheaper N8 if you can stand the bidding process. Note you have to be weary of some eBay auctions, you can’t be certain those phones are fault free. The replacement N86 for my mum’s N95 seems to be causing her more problems (though she specifically wants/needs that type of phone for the auto dictation app it has for calls)
Although I have my frustrations sometimes with the lock ups on my N8, I really do love it and will miss it whilst it’s out of action. I think when Belle is available, I’m going to have to get one cheap on contract later anyway to give as a gift (perhaps mum’s N86 replacement or something to move lil sis from C3-02). My friends who I recommended N8 to are coping fine on standard Symbian but I’d expect them to get along even better when Belle comes along.
Fear not, I am trying to get hold of a fix/replacement so I can still share updates/tests regarding N8 (hopefully in time for the medic panto). I can’t be doing camera comparisons without that and will have to have Belle on it. That’s the last Symbian Nseries. I’m going to find a way to bring one back into my hands one way or another. I’m leaving it on charge for a while, see if that does anything. Or put it in a bag of rice, may be the house has too much moisture.

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