Qt Apps Coming to Windows 8

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Nokia had always stated there would be no restriction on QT for Windows 8, and now Digia (whom Nokia has always worked closely with and had sold its Qt licensing and services business to) are apparently going to bring Qt applications for Windows 8. This would tie in nicely for Nokia should they ever make another tablet which isn’t Windows but still run Qt applications.

Apparently no modifications were needed to make the Qt apps run like they did on Windows 7 but to make the maximum benefit for Windows 8, Metro style needed to be brought to those Qt apps. Makes sense if you want a more consistent look though if the app looks great anyway it’s often more than acceptable.

Now if only WP8 could get Qt too.

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  • When Microsoft will lift the ban from Windows Phone, you can celebrate. Windows 8 isn’t really so exciting news.

    • Nokia are really doing great, but i wonder why they specialized on PHONE making. Well, i still noticed that they are really making the Telecommunition IND what it should be…

    • migo

      It’s not a ban. They’re just using a narrow focus for now. If they only support XNA and Silverlight it makes it very easy on developer relations to help people who are having problems.

      Windows 8 on the other hand will have a few hundred million users within the first year, so Microsoft won’t have to provide all the development support – it can be handled by third parties.

      • They can explain it with a number of technical reasons, I’m sure. But they always do this foul play, having political reasons behind it. The bottom line is, it benefits their monopolistic aspirations.

  • Ronny

    WP8 will get QT support eventually… I’m sure of it

    • Cocco Bill

      Dream on. That will not happen.

    • Bloob

      I doubt WP8 will even support native code…

      • migo

        WP7 already does, just not all devs are allowed to use it.

    • If MS ever to gain sanity. But with their greed – I doubt it.

    • migo

      Windows Phone will, but I wouldn’t put any certainty on the version number. It could happen for 8, or it might take until 9.

  • Deep Space Bar

    THAT’s balls

    i swear Nokia made it so was only for Symbian/s40/Maemo5/N9

    • Conor

      Taken from Wikipedia:

      Operating system Embedded Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux/X11, Windows CE, Symbian, MeeGo, Haiku, Amiga OS

      • Deep Space Bar

        Qt was just recently developed by nokia WTF is all that

        • N00-00

          Not really. Nokia bought TrollTech which has developed Qt over the last 2 decades…

        • ZiPA

          It’s only the Qt Mobility stuff that is mainly done by Nokia. Like N00-00 said, Qt itself stems from the early 1990’s and has been in use way before Nokia bought Trolltech.

        • migo

          Hahahahaha. And you call yourself a Linux fan. I knew about Qt before I knew about Nokia as a company (I lived in an area with no cell phone coverage btw).

      • 352×416

        Windows Phone is built on Windows CE 6R3 with some of CE 7 back ported, from memory. If QT can run on Windows CE 6/7 then surely it shouldn’t be too hard to get QT to run on WP7.

        • N00-00

          It csn and the Qt developers were ready to port for it. They only wanted MS to give them access to lower level APIs for porting. MS refused that.

          It is more of a political decision not to run Qt on WP7 and I think that is going to continue with WP8. That is why I thing WP is just a stop-gap for Nokia.

        • No technical reasons prevent it. Political only. MS can’t stand competition, and bans all competing technologies from their system (similar to how Apple does it).

          • krustylicious

            windows 8 unless radically changes from the dev preview is gonna be another poor sales product …

            Back to qt, Nokia needs to push qt further and further.

          • migo

            If MS didn’t want competing DEs, why is it going to be fully supported on Windows 8?

            I can’t wait to hear your hare brained conspiracy theory.

            • Simple. On the desktop they don’t have full control of what’s installed. Embedded devices are very different in the freedom of choice aspect, and mostly manufacturers and vendors try to limit your freedom as much as possible.

      • Reonhato

        wow, I should take the old Amiga 1200HD out of the closet. 😉

  • reptile


  • Diogo

    Want a QT in your desktop? Be Linux! 🙂

    • Bharat Justa

      Desktop is for gaming! I’ll try Linux on old laptop and netbook! Maybe Ubuntu…

      • migo

        Linux isn’t viable on old hardware anymore, unless you have no interest in web browsing. With HTML5 you’ve now only got browsers on Linux that are serious RAM hogs. An old laptop with 256MB of RAM is only viable on Windows.

        • Bharat Justa

          Please read my comment at the last.

  • Goc

    How is this news?
    Windows 8 is pretty much the same as Windows 7 except with a worse UI so this isn’t groundbreaking or unique.

    • Matias

      And you have used the final Windows 8 UI how much? 😉

      I’m just overwhelmed from all the whining Win8 causes, I think it’s simply awesome to be able to use both touch screen and desktop optimized GUIs in one device. I’ve never understood the idea of current tablets, they’re expensive and you really can’t be productive with them…

    • migo

      Windows 8 has plenty of under the hood changes, and once it launches all the detractors will be eating a lot of crow.

  • dsfgdf

    Microsoft is not here to support Symbian and MeeGo technologies but to eliminate them.

    • Everyone knew that. The strange part was, why Nokia so easily agreed to it.

    • migo

      If that were their MO, they would have eliminated Apple in 96.

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  • Bharat Justa

    It’s not that much old!
    1.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS, 160 GB HDD and no optical drive(it was there before but it was damaged), no wifi and bluetooth(damaged), it was one of those laptops with the Nvidia card problem but not included in the Nvidia settlement. So I bought a cheap motnerboard for it and replaced it myself but before that it was lying with thrash for about 2 years. So I am buying a desktop to do the bigger stuff.

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