Nokia Drive, for Pedestrian walking on the Nokia Lumia 800?

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Nokia Drive, as the name suggests, is for driving – when you or someone else is in a vehicle. But it’s totally great for pedestrian walking – for me at least.

This has been invaluable for me traversing the hugeness of Manchester. Last weekend we went to Preston to check out our new medic house and it got us there safely and quickly. Just yesterday I was in London trying to get to Nokia House with it. I liked that I can use Nokia mapping solutions to just go to places I’ve never been before and never worry about being lost.

Update: Ah foolish me. There is pedestrian mode in Nokia Maps. I had assumed maps is just a map and navigation went to Drive. Will have to check that out. Thanks for the comments.

With Nokia Drive you have that bar on the side or bottom to tell you direction, how far left until next turn, how far in total until end of journey and current speed. You can get rid of it just by tapping. If you should ever slow down or stop, it comes back to re-inform you about where you should be going.

Why it works as a great sat nav for me when on the road as a pedestrian?



  • Most roads in Manchester can be crossed by pedestrians anyway, so paths cars take would often be the same one a pedestrian would (though of course there are instances where you can take shortcuts. Maps will just reroute automatically)
  • Sat Nav lock is super quick. No waiting around.
  • Voice turn by turn navigation. Automatically get told of the next point, no need to tap to get the next instruction.
  • Automatic rerouting
  • Offline Maps so you don’t really need to redownload things when going to new places.
  • Obviously not designed for pedestrians so it will suggest you go around the roundabout, which by common sense, you would take the shorter routes.
  • Same for side-streets.
  • Can’t just suddenly go turn around and head the other way. The arrows still points ahead but imagines you’re going backwards.
  • No compass. When at speed or going in the particular direction, maps will face forward anyway. A compass is much better to orientate a pedestrian (who moves slower) with surroundings.

Conclusion? Nokia Drive is pretty decent for pedestrian use to, though I would welcome dedicated pedestrian/walk navigation when it comes.


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