N9Apps #3: Urban Fatburner demoed on the Nokia N9

| December 17, 2011 | 4 Replies

I saw this game demoed by Nokia Brasil yesterday and I thought it looked fun and gave it a go too. It’s a very simple run and jump game but it’s very addictive.

The angle here is that you have a fat guy and the more he runs, the fitter he gets.

#3: Urban Fatburner

Price: Free



Developer Blurb:

Urban Fatburner is a story about a male urban yuppie who desperately wants to lose his body weight. Thus, he decided to burn his body fat and strive to become a slim, healthier, hot urban guy. Survive, and be the hottest guy in town!

  • The jumping is a little harder than it looks, you have to make sure you’re just at the edge other wise he will fall to his death. Another morbid part of the game is some hooded runner chasing you and if he catches up with you, you get eaten. A crowd also appears to hide the edge of the buildings making you more likely to fall.
  • The more points you get the slimmer your guy gets and you get different reward levels.
  • This game is hard to demo on camera, it’s easier to play without having to watch the screen to see if you’re in focus.
  • I did notice some random lag appearing every now and again which can mess up the reaction times and hence the jumping, particularly when the crowd appears.
  • Otherwise, excellent game, very, very nicely designed, attractive colours, addictive and a lot of fun!


Here’s Nokia Brazil’s demo



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