ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy ditches his iPhone – more room beyond the world of iThings.

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Yesterday, we heard that popular iPhone supporters/users Jon Rettinger and Noah Kravitz ditched their iPhones for a Windows Phone. Doubters did come inbound saying that they were paid. It seems though that with the iPhone 4S looking exactly like the iPhone 4 (though what did you expect, they all look pretty much the same since 2007) prominent iPhone supporters are ditching their iPhones.

It’s probably quite significant then when your name has iPhone in it and you’ve made 600 videos about an iPhone and in your latest video talk about having happily moved to another platform.

Well, that’s just what “ ” has done. No it’s not a WP this time, it’s another big screened phone though, the Note.

The guy seems pretty level headed. He says no platform is perfect, each with its strengths and weaknesses. He notes WP’s early days and says Microsoft has done quite a lot in that year to catch up. He does joke about WebOS and MeeGo (he may have said they suck, I’m not listening to the video now but just what I remember from watching it yesterday, but hey, at least they get a mention, and clearly MeeGo-Harmattan does not suck).

We’ll say it again, what’s best is what is best for you. Since we’re all remarkably different what’s best for each of us will of course be different. There’s not one thing that’s perfect for everyone. Yes, that includes Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, S40 and even Bada. No wait, Bada sucks for everyone. Joke (no not really :p).

I got about half way until I had to go get a train. The video is about 12 minutes long and it seems to have perked up a good discussion. What I like most about it is that other platforms are now getting to the point where folks that seemed to be forever iPhone supporters can look beyond and happily use another OS without regret or wishes to go back. Should WP ever get to the critical apps level, then apps is also going to be another factor that’s not counting against the platform (though as reviewers have mentioned, the important ones are there in the marketplace for them).

I like particularly that it gives some hope that if you can create a good user experience with a fantastic product, then eventually folks will give it a go, like it and can be swayed away from an iPhone (and it’s not once you go iPhone you’re iPhone for life). For most general consumers, I’m betting that the decision to go iPhone is least to do with the phone suiting them but the fact that it’s a household name, it’s the in-thing and it’s what they know. To get around that? Create a good product first and foremost, then with solid foundations you can create your own branding and raise awareness for your product. It’s still just 2011, Nokia’s game is ramping up in 2012.



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