TechnoBuffalo’s Jon Rettinger and Noah Kravitz switches to Windows Phone (from iPhone)

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Self confessed iPhone user since 2007 (though he has dabbled in pretty much all OSes since then, but sticking primarily to iPhone) Jon Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo has proclaimed he has switched to a Windows Phone as his daily phone.

The reservations he had such as unified inbox and some form of multitasking have been solved. He also explains his concerns about apps but mentions that well, the apps he needs are already on MarketPlace.

You’ll note the device isn’t a Nokia, it’s a massive HTC Titan. It was equally the huge display of the Titan combined with the Windows Phone experience that Jon loved. He talks about things not being all about specs but about the user experience. Specs he notes is more important in Android.

I think here is a prime example of what Elop has stated before that it’s good to have other members building on Windows Phone, particularly at this nascent stage of the OSes life. Whilst Nokia concentrate on preparing their higher end hardware with bigger screens, other manufacturers can do the job of snagging users towards Windows Phone (Jon didn’t like how the iPhone 4S was just the same as the iPhone 4, though no surprise as they’re pretty much the same from 2007). When Nokia’s ready, it’s going to be even easier to get those people who are already on HTCs to go on a more remarkably built and more beautifully designed Nokia. Likewise, when Nokia manages it, they can attract customers who wanted to go Windows Phone but wanted a more budget friendly version. Nokia may also be able to tackle this next year as they ramp up numbers of Nokia Windows Phone models.

  • Not a fan of the battery life (gets full day, 12% by time he goes to bed, but still not sufficient for Jon)
  • the camera in the Titan was apparently meh (Nokia could push for the best camera smartphone ever again but now on WP)
  • Liking the keyboard
  • Voice works ok – average
  • Really enjoying the user experience.
  • Biggest thing going against it is the Windows branding (he notes people’s preconceived notions on Windows, noting his own assumptions, especially being a mac user)
  • He talks about syncing apps for Macs, and sky drive so he says he doesn’t feel like he’s missing anything.
Thanks Jon for recommending that folks try out Windows Phone. It’s not for everyone (and not much is), but it could still be great for many, many people.



More coverage from TechnoBuffalo, Noah talks about Rolling Thunder. You’ll note that Noah also says he has given up his iPhone for a Windows Phone too. These are two prominent guys in Tech (Noah still has great following from his PhoneDog days, both TB and PD, very influential amongst US tech enthusiasts).

Noah says he’s hoping for a front facing camera as he likes to take those vanity shots :p – the only thing that prevented him from the Lumia 800.

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