Video: Nokia N8 v111.030.0609 leaked

| December 19, 2011 | 32 Replies

OK Nokia N8 fans on Belle, there has apparently been a new leak to 0609 (previously 0607) for the Nokia N8.

I’m told by users that 0609 us much better than 0607. Can’t say myself so we’ll have to take their word for it.

Details and screenshots are available at:

As always, update at your own risk. This is not a Nokia authorised solution and is not covered in the warranty.


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Thanks Slayer for the tip!

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  1. Gab says:

    Sounds good :) I don’t know how much time it will take to release this version.

  2. jbb_lkh says:

    I’m dying here… And they are saying it’s next year. Erghhh!!

  3. Shriek says:

    Come on Nokia just release it like good people, maybe a Christmas gift :P

  4. Yeah!! says:

    There’s a 3g widget! Yeah!! Hopefully it is for switching between gsm and 3g. Saves me slot of battery lifer like that

  5. dxrk says:

    i believe this is a custom firmware packed with custom effects, not the official Belle. none of the Belle devices we have seen so far looks like this (though i’m sure we all want them to)

    • Tom says:

      I would agree with you on that. When he shows the firmware screen, the name of the os is Symbian Belle, and the firmware date in is 5 days (24/12/2011). Also the custom firmware name is Pro Edition RC V2 by Taylor, so (and it is a shame) I guess this isn’t the real official version.

    • Martin Bergesio says:

      This is actually a cfw made by taylor, it is based on the 111.030.0609 belle version and its date is 12/24/2011 indeed. If my memory is good, this is the first leak with a future date, all previous leaked versions always had past dates…so…maybe n8 users could have a little present from nokia this xmas? Who knows..

  6. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    This is an amazing CFW. Just flashed it to my N8. Camera start up is on par if not faster than my N9!!!!
    Turning theme effects off, you’d think the device was running on a 1+ghz processor. It is the best cfw I have seen yet

  7. XFCE-Desktop says:

    Gimme a link to those widgets!

  8. pekkapuupää says:

    Do you get different kind of animations in Belle pre-installed?

  9. Mapantz says:

    Time to get flashing .. woo!

  10. aboodesta says:

    Can you provide me with a link to flash my N8? I’m running the official Anna firmware..

  11. Martin Bergesio says:

    I’m running 111.030.0609, this is the best release by far. Widgets are amazing, Two different calendar widgs, one as usual and a new one with agenda, in order to create new entries. four different clocks, mobile data, 3G.BT, mobile data tracker, offline on/off, silent on/off, two types of weather, small and big music player and the notifications widget just like PR1.
    Taylor release includes all non installed applications like office, reader, , shazam, communicator, etc.
    After I flashed, the search widget update instantly poped-up via ota.
    minor bug with “notifications” icon in main menu (not working and cant be deleted)
    Don’t hesitate and flash your phones!

  12. gncd says:

    If they just would do the damn player controls into the lock screen I would be really happy.

    • nonikhanna says:

      If you get Nokia Bubble lock screen application from nokia beta labs, the player controls are on there when the music player is running.

  13. Peter says:

    I got it up and running on my N8. Very happy with it. Only if I could get the Nokia Store and Whatsapp back up and running… Any thoughts on how to install those. I keep getting; Installation failed errors

    • jim says:

      i had this is well with store and maps. Generally you have to format your e drive before flashing so it’s a completely clean install. Or you can do software factory reset

  14. Cocco Bill says:

    If you don’t like the customization and want a vanilla version, the Original Cleaned Nokia N8 Symbian Belle RC v111.030.0609 with All New Widgets can be found here:

  15. nara says:

    once i installed the cfw, how can i ununstall it and install the official one.

  16. k. says:

    Just flashed mine earlier from Anna to this one and its pretty sweet. the only problem i have is i can restore my messages from my back up file… any suggestions?
    installed store and maps and I’m at 202MB now.. still deciding if i want to install other stuff or not.

  17. Deep Space Bar says:

    does anyone have an issue install Nokia Store ? cause i’m having problems

    • k. says:

      Go in the Nokia_N8_Pro_Edition_RC_V2_Deleted_Apps file and first install 1_Nokia_Maps_and_Store then install Nokia_Store_3.20.049.first i tried to install Nokia store and wouldn’t let me but i tried it that way and installed it fine.

  18. Peter says:

    I got the Nokia Maps up and running again, but no luck with the Nokia Store yet. Any tips?

  19. DAEX says:

    I hated this guy always not share the untouch firmware.

  20. Ali says:

    I have Symbian belle on my E7 with costume widgets. It’s really nice and fast. Nokia n8 has more advantage because you just need to flash it with phoenix with this pro belle.

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