Samsung brings out Omnia Taxis in response to Lumia taxis and parks them outside Nokia Stores?

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See something with potential success? COPY THE HELL OUT OF IT!

I think that’s the Samsung moto. SGS, SGSII, Galaxy Ace. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were each and every successive version of an iPhone but nooo, there’s no Apple logo at the back, no. Startlingly they’re not a China clone company and can actually make their own well designed handsets but wisely rode on the back of Apple.

Anyway, more to this tune, according to FoneArena, Samsung are copying the Nokia Lumia branded Taxis and are parking them outside Nokia Stores.

Positive things to take from this:

  • Samsung taking WP seriously – even at this low level. At the nascent stage of windows phone, it’s kinda vital its partners are there to prop up where Nokia is yet able to offer something for all customers. In the end, Nokia can get them back. Yes it does work, Nokia has been doing this time and time again with Symbian and the other Symbian manufacturers back in the day, eventually down to Samsung and Sony Ericsson who could still keep people using Symbian whilst they offered something Nokia wasn’t able to at the time.
  • Samsung thinks the Lumia taxis are a good idea.


It’s not the first ever idea in the world to go around branding vehicles but to apparently do so right outside a Nokia shop at the time when there are Lumia taxis and there weren’t Omnia taxis to begin with, it suggests that Samsung want a piece of the WP pie in India.

Fortunately the Amazing everyday has a consistent branding and this Samsung car, well I don’t get what they’re doing.

Source: FoneArena

Cheers Souvik for the tip!


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