eBuddy XMS Beta updated for MeeGo and Mango

| December 30, 2011 | 26 Replies

I got an email last night from the XMS team, saying their WP version of the app had been updated. Just moments ago, I received an email regarding an update of the cross-platform messaging client for MeeGo.

The changelogs are as follows;

Windows Phone:

  • Complete New Redesign of UI, more in style of Windows Phone Metro Design.
  • Overall Stability improved
  • Speed improvement
  • Push Notifications improved


  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements

I have used both the new updates and have found them quite good. I really like the way the Windows Phone app has gone the way of metro. Would be nice to see live tiling, (which is to come), but still, quite nice. As for MeeGo, only just got it, but the Facebook issue that plagued the first beta has been fixed. “Settings” menu has been added, as well as a new section in which you can compose a message, independent of selecting contact. So far, it seems to be a lot more fluid then before.

For those with the N9, you can download the latest beta here.

Unfortunately, if you use the Lumia 800 or 710, you will need to register for the beta through the XMS Facebook Page. This is due to Marketplace restrictions, preventing unauthorised live IDs to install the content.

If the S60, S40 and S^3 versions have been updated, please post it in the comment section below, and I will update my post.



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