Massive Nokia N9 Price Drop at Expansys – £369.99 – Limited stock so hurry!

| December 30, 2011 | 26 Replies


With the Nokia Lumia 800 at £399.95, the Nokia N9 (more expensive due to generally more packed inside) swoops under at £369.99.  There are only 19 in stock at the moment.

If you’re man enough, the Magenta Nokia N9 is £369.99


Pay £10 extra and for £379.99 you can opt for the Cyan. Only 7 in stock

With only 6 remaining, possibly the most popular sleek black Nokia N9 is going for £449.99

All the above are the 16gb variants. You could opt for the 64GB at £579.99

Cheers incognito for the tip.


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  • Aliqudsi

    Woops. Time to delete mine 🙂

    • Jill

      like 🙂

  • Punching Bag

    and $579 USD at

  • zymo

    Price in Germany for 64Gb Version: 499€ / £418

  • Rock

    Selling my Soul £379.99. Any takers?

  • Myggen

    £321 in Norway, been that for more than a week now.

    • Aleve Sicofante

      links please!!!!!

      • Myggen and, they don’t ship out of country though i think.

      • Myggen and, they don’t ship out of country though i think.
        N9 is a just a buff of wind, it’s going away.

  • faby

    Selling my WHITE SG2 ANYTAKERS. I assume none who would. Sammy is just a peice of junk, i regreat dearly now for that stupid decision I took.

    I so want the N9.

  • stephens_eloped

    In the US, simplyelectronics selling them for around $550 The 64gb going for around $625

  • reptile

    Does this mean the sales aren’t going so well?

    • incognito

      Nope, it means that the device was released 4 months ago so it starts dropping its price with the market saturation and what not, bringing it closer to its real value without overblown margins by both Nokia and the retailers. The more it is available, the lesser the price will be.

      iPhone 4S price dropped for $100-$250 within a couple of months in dependence of version, Samsung Galaxy SII dropped for a full $300+ within 5 months… That doesn’t mean that their sales aren’t going so well, either…

    • inept

      Realistically, I think it means that the device is EoL. Nokia has no firm plans for MeeGo, support commitments are nebulous and the enthusiast market for this sort of device is actually quite small. Nokia sabotaged its efforts here for the sake of Windows Phone so there’s really nowhere for this product to go. I suspect that Nokia has limited manufacturing to a trickle and that retailers are clearing out their stock of what is effectively a discontinued product.

      I would be amazed if Nokia moved more than a million units.

      • incognito

        How do you explain then that the Lumia 800 dropped $120 off of its price within a month – by that progression the N9 should be $300 by now? This has nothing to do with EoL, nor is this a fire sale – it’s a steady decline in prices as the market gets saturated and the competition increases.

        The N9 has been following pretty much the same price curve as all the other competitive devices. Actually, its price drop is less severe, probably enhanced by the general lower availability and especially its absence from the key Nokia markets where people decide to order it from importers or directly from foreign eshops…

        As for how many will they push, that depends. The million mark is probably reachable (250k Nokia devices sold solely in Finland, of which the N9 by some analysis makes two thirds of those sales) but Nokia will never release the actual numbers in fear of damaging their WP-or-bust strategy.

        Sure, the N9 will not reach the levels of the N8 when it comes to number of devices sold in the Q4 of 2010 – due to all the things Nokia did to prevent it – but I reckon it will still make some profits for Nokia.

      • Aleve Sicofante

        “support commitments are nebulous” So you believe Nokia is somehow cheating on its customers in all those countries where there’s no Lumia and N9 is selling instead, right? They won’t support their thousands of N9 customers and leave them in the cold, right? Why on Earth do you think so?

        This is getting silly, really.

        My E52 has received a software update just a couple of months ago. Yes, a non-touch phone released in May 2009 which probably sold less than 100.000 units in its entire shelf life (I don’t think it’s available anymore).

        • Aleve Sicofante

          PS: OK, they might have sold more than 100.000 E52s after all. I just researched and it was number five in the top ten for 2010. But my point still stands. Nokia has rarely left users without support. There’s no reason to think they’ll do that to its N9 customers.

  • reptile

    So when the white one comes out, will it be closer to the original N9 price or closer to the price now? Speaking of it, where is it?

    • incognito

      Judging by the stores already selling it – it’s sold with the same price tag as its black cousin, so there should be no difference unless the retailer plans on charging the extra for its exclusivity.

      As for where is it – so far you can fetch it in Finland, Vietnam, Thailand and UAE (sales started today), but there are already available firmwares for 20 market targets which means it should appear in roughly half the markets the original N9 was launched at quite soon.

      If you can’t wait, order it from the closest country to you that has it available & in stock.

  • Stephen

    It seems not to be selling well, still 19 left after bein on all day

  • Alex
  • dansus

    Waiting for the White 64GB to drop..

  • Aleve Sicofante

    The 64GB is £499.99 now (6 in stock). Still cheaper in Germany though (at

  • nokia and 9

    It was available at cheaper price in UAE at 1769AED i.e 310GBP for couple of days.

  • fff

    it is not wise to buy n9 at the moment when the price of it is still not stable