Leaked? Nokia Ace/Nokia Lumia 900 pics – front camera, bigger screen and AT&T logo

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The pocketnow folks are at it again with a very clear image of a not yet announced, but much expected Nokia phone, the Nokia Ace. Looks pretty real.

There’s a Nokia Logo shifted all the way to the left, above that a prominent front facing camera and on the right, AT&T branding. 4G signal might just be there for the sake of it.

At the bottom you’ll notice the camera key is much further away from the search button…because the screen is much bigger, as evident by the bezel at the bottom being shorter. I do  find it odd why the camera button wouldn’t be closer to the edge though…actually maybe if the phone is that large, having the camera button more accessible in one right hand as the thumb would have less to travel if the camera button is closer to the midline than at the edge. I’m just concerned for usability when using landscape (having said that, I do prefer using the touch focus to take snaps now).

WP is great on 3.7″, but it’s even better on a larger screen IMO. Some will have qualms with that, not really wanting anything much more than 3.5″. There’s a front camera that well, hopefully Nokia and MS will put to use by finally getting Skype on WP. It’s a shame that out of all the platforms, the one who owns skype and the partner who integrated it brilliantly into their Maemo phones doen’t have it.  We’ve had front cameras on our Symbian phones since forever but I haven’t used it for anything except for short, pixelated 3G video calls. Maemo with Skype Nokia and MS can make this overlooked feature something useful again. That and folks can start using it as a mirror.

Update: PocketNow’s put up an extra image:

Source: pocketnow

Cheers Michael for the tip!

Ahmet tipped us this other pic that sandwiches the two images.

The phone could be much shorter, no if it saved space across the top and bottom. I mean, the real size of the phone should really be just the glass portion. But I guess it adds to the design. Otherwise it would just look like an iPhone (aka any rectangle with curved corners).


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