Lumia 800 Battery Test Results (Vs. N9, iPhone, Galaxy Nexus…)

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GSMarenas Battery test for the Lumia 800 are in; and the results are bittersweet. Just to keep things in perspective for everyone; the main comparison should be between the Lumia 800 and the N9, considering that they both have the same battery, same type of screen and almost the same screen size (Lumia 800 is .2 inches smaller screen-wise).

3G talk time:

Ooooo Pretty colors!

As you can tell from the graph above the 800 did quite decent in regards to 3G talk time, scoring the 4th highest battery life on leaderboard, with almost an hour and a half more talking time than it’s twin the N9. In fact according to GSM arena the 800 was the WP device with the longest talk-time.

“The Lumia 800 also outdid the other Windows Phone smartphones we have tested so far – HTC Radar and Samsung i937 Focus S.”

Video playback:

Unfortunately the 800 didn’t do as well in video playback scoring a meager “5:52” while the slightly larger screened N9 scored “8:40”. that’s almost 3 hours more!!

Web Browsing:

Even worse is the web browsing times, the 800 barely lasted 4 hours!  (N9 was about 30 minutes more), of course this is mainly due to Amoled screens not playing nice with Web page backgrounds; but still kinda sad.

Find the full review over at GSM Arena:

Side Note: after testing the 800 GSM arena did the battery tests on Androids latest flagship “The Galaxy Nexus”  (which if you recall beat out the 800 for gizmodos gadget of the year) the Nexus scored almost the same as the 800 when it came to Talk Time and Video playback, but if you thought the 4 hours on the 800 was bad, well then… the Nexus just scraped 3 hours of browsing time! That’s just embarrassing…

(Nexus Battery Review here: )

*Note: I’m not sure what the status of the 800 they tested on is but I’m assuming that it wasn’t suffering any severe undercapacity issues, still there is hope for the 800 once Nokia release the battery fix (rumored to be Jan 18th)

Thanks to Vikas for the tip, Source: GSMarena 1 , 2




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