Happy New Year from MyNokiaBlog :) 2012 Year of the Nokia :D

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lol at my MS Paint cuddly dragon. It's kinda like a Moomin, which as you know is Finnish. Yay for Moomindragon 😀

Wowowow! It’s 2012! Happy New Year too all our readers!

What a whirlwind of a year 2011 turned out to be, both with Nokia of course but here too at

Thank you all for your support. Once again, this site would be no where without the participation of our readers, your conversations, your tips, sharing our stories to other places, and of course the team that write here, many of whom began as readers too.  It’s grown to a nice little community where everyone’s willing to chip in to the discussion.

2012 is definitely a make or break year for Nokia. It’s funny saying that as I’ve kinda been feeling that each and every year. But this time it’s different. Obviously the world’s eyes are now on Nokia to see if they can deliver on their partnership. It must be the year of:






Nokia fans have waited far, far too long. We need Nokia to bring out a flagship this year. A top end device that is the best of all Nokias, but more importantly, is one other manufacturers should look at with respect and fear. It is totally fine to produce mid range handsets and even budget handsets, but for the sake of MINDSHARE, you need a top end device that says, “Hey, for the best of the very best, go for the Nokia”. When someone thinks of the top gadget, the top smartphone, Nokia has to break away any doubt of the answer being anything but Nokia. It is not going to be easy. It is going to be incredibly difficult. It might not be something that can be achieved within 2012. But it’s not impossible.

Nokia needs to produce one great product, after another, and after another. Reverse the reputation of being just a cumbersome, old, throw away cheap brand. Nokia is so much more and so much better than that.

There are products to look forward to, of course in Windows Phone, but also in Symbian, and in S40 and perhaps whatever becomes of Meltemi and the whole Next Billion to which Nokia has hinted several times that the amazing SWIPE will be integral to.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon. An old, legendary, mythical creature, Nokia must shed their dinosaur image, but instead live the spirit of the fierce and ferocious dragon, the same spirit of great creativity, innovation, design and understanding of consumers that brought them to be number 1 since 1998.

For those who are still Nokia fans, or have returned as a Nokia fan, wow. It’s such a trying time right now for Nokia, but thanks for being there. A bit like fans of our favourite team, we’ll be there when they’re up but also when they’re down.

Hopefully we’ll be doing a lot more rejoicing this year.

Looking at the bright sides, there are many positives that are clicking into place.

Welcome to 2012 folks.

It’s show time, Nokia.




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