Video: iPhone 4 vs Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4S Browser Benchmarks comparison

| January 2, 2012 | 99 Replies

Just shortly after the N9 here’s a comparison video of the browser capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 800 against the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Various tests are performed:

  • Browser Benchmark
  • Speed Reading
  • SunSpider Test
  • Acid 3 test
  • HTML5 test.
Usability wise, I think all three phones have fantastic default browsers. All pretty quick. I do have an issue with the Mango browser that they took a step back and put the tabs button in menu. That cheesed me off in the anna browser. Like WTF Microsoft. It’s a small change but alters usability completely. I hate having to tap an extra one time. Currently the overall browsing experience on a Nokia is fastest with a Lumia, but just marginally when compared to N9.

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Complete scores:

iPhone 4 – iOS 4.3
Nokia Lumia 800 – WP 7.5 (aka Mango)
iPhone 4S – iOS 5

Browsermark Test: Higher is better
iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) – 37 503
Nokia Lumia 800 (WP7.5 aka Mango) – 30 452
iPhone 4S (iOS 5) – 86 702

Speed Reading Test:
iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) – 2 fps (iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0 – around 37 fps)
Nokia Lumia 800 (WP7.5 aka Mango) – 40 fps
iPhone 4S (iOS 5) – 60 fps

Sunspider Test: Lower is better
iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) – 4018.2 ms
Nokia Lumia 800 (WP7.5 aka Mango) – 7188.7 ms
iPhone 4S (iOS 5) – 2266 ms

Acid3 Test:
iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) – 100/100
Nokia Lumia 800 (WP7.5 aka Mango) – 100/100
iPhone 4S (iOS 5) – 100/100

HTML5 Test:
iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) – 210
Nokia Lumia 800 (WP7.5 aka Mango) – 141
iPhone 4S (iOS 5) – 296

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  1. Stephen says:

    Nokia getting beaten by iPhone! Wake up Nokia!

    • Uit says:

      Its Nokia its stupid microsoft…Nokia browser is more than decent, to bad Nokia can’t port it to wp. As it is open source.

      • yay says:

        Actually microsoft has the fastest Sunspider browser, IE9, it beats Chrome and Mozilla.

        The fact that it’s not the fastest yet on mobile platforms isn’t that important, but I’m sure MS will make it the fastest soon enough, they know how.

    • Mariano| says:

      n9 kick lumia’s ass too

    • yay says:

      This doesn’t matter, these benchmarks don’t represent real world experience. The iPhone actually lags often when resizing with your fingers, the Nokia doesn’t.

      These tests are not even designed for mobile phones, they’re running desktop tests on mobile phones.

      My desktop can get 200 on Sunspider, does that mean that my desktop browser is 40 times as fast as a cellphone, not really.

  2. meego says:

    Pretty miserable score for HTML5 test. So no Web Apps I suppose.

    • Jay Montano says:

      It might explain why twitter mobile is a webapp on N9 and not lumia, but everything else I’ve used other than that is a webapp on both. though I haven’t encountered that many.

      • Shaun says:

        huh? Twitter on the N9 is a native app written in Qt.

        The Twitter website detects browser capabilities and you’ll get a better experience from a WebKit browser than IE.

  3. Uit says:

    Pathetic Microsoft is pathetic as browsers go…by far the worse in mobile space and also the most hungry….

    • jim says:

      Pretty sure the nokia symbian browser is the worst in the mobile space. Has been complete rubbish for years and still is on belle

      • Gst says:

        Wen compared to these 3 phones atleast symbian support adobe flashlite(flash 10 compatible)..symbian default phone browser is bad because nokia attitude to stick with ancient decade old arm11 processor(eventhough symbian support arm cortex),speed and performance of browser depends on processor.

        • Troll says:

          Se satio owners tell me a completely different story. Its still bad, dude.

        • jim says:

          Argument falls down when opera is MUCH better on the same processor. I only use opera mini and it’s night and day compared to that symbian rubbish

        • Jay Montano says:

          Having used nearly all mobile browsers, and being a Nokia fan, unfortunately the Symbian browser is the worst browser…maybe on par with previous generation blackberry browser (though).

          Best experience ever of course goes to Maemo 5. Nothing even now comes close as how it can interact with EVERYTHING on the page as well as being able to interact with flash by sweep hovering and bringing up a mouse that all other mobile browsers fail on because they think touch is ok. Well it might not be fair to compare that as development stopped in 09 pretty much. It could have been so much more, probably strangled all the other mobile browsers to death at how awesome it could have been (better hardware, gimme pinch and zoom)

          Android browser is now the nearest thing to that although it is soo damn buggy on phones I’ve used it keeps crashing randomly and is rather annoying. I do like that flash is there though.

          Next after that is the webOS browser. Does almost everything I want. Can’t seem to be able to upload files on it which sucks.

          Next up, possibly on par iOS and WP7.

          Then Blackberry browser on 9900/torch

          Then Symbian.

          • incognito says:

            I still don’t understand why Nokia abandoned the MicroB and went to a naked WebKit2-based POS that is in the N9. Gecko still murders WebKit2 in pretty much everything that counts, it can even hold its ground to Google’s take on WebKit2 when it comes to HTML5 and is pretty much on par when it comes to JavaScript JIT compilation and execution… After all, Fennec is currently the most standard-compatible mobile browser on the planet.

            Sure, Qt comes with WebKit bundled in, so I guess that’s the rationale behind it, but still, MicroB was so much better on older and slower hardware of the N900 than the browser on the N9 that it’s even not fair to compare them – with MicroB I’d rarely encounter `gridding`, bad DIV alignment, misfired clicks (ok, the resistive screen precision has to do something with that) and so on, not to mention features; with the one on the N9 it’s a regular occurrence. It’s funny that even the unofficial Fennec build on the N9 is miles ahead from the built-in browser – it certainly ain’t as smooth, but that’s the only qualm I have with it, it simply murders the built-in browser on every other single account.

            There are only a few of things that MicroB is missing to remain the best browser in the mobile arena for years to come:
            1) Better HTML5 compatibility (still beats the WP7′s IE, tho)
            2) Full XUL/XPCOM support so it could use all the regular FF add-ons without (heavy) modifications
            3) Text-reflow when zooming
            4) Support for multitouch on cap. and other multitouch enabled touchscreens (which includes pinch to zoom, two point select etc.)
            5) Independence from the HW keyboard – i.e. swipeable on-screen controls for page up / page down / end / home, as well as virtual mouse buttons in the virtual cursor mode
            6) At least Flash Player Plugin v10.2 would be nice

            With those improvements, the distant runner-up would be iOS’s Safari, and even mentioning WP’s IE would be a downright insult to the browser world in that constellation.

            Nokia, please rebirth the MicroB, it does so much things right that it’s a crying shame not to have it on the N9! Even a simple Gecko engine update would do miracles for the aging MicroB (check Fennec).

            • Noki says:

              I have the Fennec installed and…. it seams slower to em than the N9 webkit based one.

              • incognito says:

                As I’ve said – it’s not as smooth as the built-in browser, but when it comes to functionality and standards compliance – it’s miles ahead of the N9′s one. And it’s not even that much slower given that, unlike the N9′s it barely does any ‘gridding’, and the fact that it is an unofficial, unoptimized build.

  4. kamal says:

    hi jay.if you remember in iphone 4 to n9 comparisons n9 browser have always beaten i phone 4 ‘ that means lumia’s browser is slower than n9′ s and n9 browser is fastest in the whole nokia range.also comare html test results for both and it becomes clear whicg is faster.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Actually no. These benchmarks don’t really show the true speed of the overall experience you’ll get when using these phones.

      We have shown before the iPhone 4S ‘beating’ the Nokia World Lumias, BUT, only marginally. That on a phone with dual core.

      On that point, the hardware of the 4S does improve it too.

      Browsing on both phones, the Lumia 800 loads up pages faster for me. The N9 is on par with Omnia with similarly on 1GHz (but that shouldn’t really be a strict comparison as it’s Windows vs MeeGo and those aren’t exactly the same chips)

  5. ashok pai says:

    so both, Nokia and microsoft have not been upto task. yesterday’s hardware in today’s package. weal ram/ cpu, gpu – lumia is not cut out to beat iphone. also mango brwoser seems to be ordinary

  6. stylinred says:


  7. kannuchi says:

    When did mobile IE9 began in the market, as compared to iOS’s Safari mobile browser?

    I guess comparing the two to date is not enough as there are more area and future versions should be considered.

    I believe no one knows that in mobile IE9, you can upload directly file to the website.

  8. Labba Jabba says:

    I really wonder what all that “same IE 9 Desktop Engine with hardware acceleration” shit was all about, as promoted in windows phone mango videos LOL
    wake up microsoft.

    • patata says:

      It means that the Ie for windows phone is as good / bad as the desktop version. You can’t expect that the ie engine can give you the same performance on a mobile with much weaker hardware as the Ie 9 on a desktop ;) Just compare a webit browser like Safari or Chrome with ie9 on your windows pc and you will see a similar performance difference between them.

  9. DesR85 says:

    Are these benchmarks really ‘that’ accurate? Don’t know about the others but to me, that is the equivalent of saying that 3D Mark benchmarks for testing your PC’s gaming ability is accurate when it doesn’t take into account the actual game performance on it. Only the games themselves (e.g. Crysis 1 & 2, Oblivion/Skyrim and Metro 2033 to name a few) and can determine that.

    Don’t know why they do not bother to test each of these phones web browsers by loading a website (preferably a flash-heavy one) to test how fast it can load it. Wouldn’t that be more fair?

    • Sun Down says:

      +1. I find synthetic benchmarks to be as relevant as telling the world you have a big p****. What’s important is how the device performs in real-world situations *cough*inbed*cough*. Still, I find the IE browser to be a far cry from Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7. Hope MS does something about this.

  10. Sun_seeker says:

    I don’t know about those scores but my Lumia 800 beats my first generation iPad in browsing hands down. It is faster and more frames in scrolling and in zooming.

    Also Lumia 800 is faster than iOS in everyday use.

  11. gst says:

    se satio runs s60v5 with 600mhz a8 cortex,s60v5 is not optimised to run on cortex(it required symbian 9.5),also in these last 3 years symbian has evolved much but it has not got good hardware spec from nokia,even current phones run 1gz arm11=700 mgz of a8=500 a9 cortex, only recently nokia upgraded there ram to 512mb..latest phone from other os run on a9 cortex..

  12. Vasco says:

    Ipad2 -winner!!

    Nokia n8 and 800 two noobs :down:

    Sunspider Test:
    Nokia N8 (belle) – 9384.0 ms
    Nokia Lumia 800 (WP7.5 aka Mango) – 7188.7 ms

  13. SLAYER says:

    here is the N8 results on belle (30.609) :P

    Browsermark: 24159
    Sunspider: 9253.3 ms
    Html5test: 152 +7 bonus
    Acid3: 93/100
    Speed reading: doesn’t work correctly (and shows safari in the browser field)

    it looks a bit pathetic I know, but certainly better than anna or earlier.

  14. patata says:

    no real surprise here.
    While Microsoft improved the IE a lot with version 9 (on desktop and mobile) compared to all older versions, there is still a lot more work to be done in order to be on par with all the others. Webkit engine is still too far ahead for the IE. Should be no problem for MS to catch them performance wise, since their browser does not have to be compatible with any other platforms than their own so they can fully benefit from their own apis

  15. Renaud says:

    Hello, what is the song title ?

  16. Vlad says:

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