Video: Nokia accessories – Bringing color and fun to your everyday adventures

| January 3, 2012 | 4 Replies


Here’s a video checking out the Nokia Accessories released last year. It’s the most colourful bunch yet, from the Alien Luna bluetooth earpieces to the over ear Purity Headsets by Nokia and Monster.


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  • Banderpop

    Pause the video at 1:14…


    Great, I’m actually still waiting for the Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset, which was announced here somewhere by the end of August…

    Any chance to buy that thing, maybe even before Christmas!? (no, just kidding, not seriously expecting it for this year anymore…)”

    Ha! Did I write that? It certainly seems like something I’d write.

    Also, the Nokia CU-17a DAB Radio Headset came out in 2011 and is missing from the video. A bit of a shame given how innovative and unique to Nokia it is. I noticed it had dropped to under £20 on and bought one a few days ago, and it works really well for me.

  • Shaun

    I imagine after announcing all the NFC enabled accessories like the Play 360 speaker and Essence headset that someone at Nokia went ‘Oh crap! Windows Phone doesn’t do NFC. We’d better find someone who can knock out some accessories quick.’ hence the Monster rubbish and the delays with the NFC enabled stuff so as not to confuse Lumia users when their NFC enabled kit doesn’t work.

    Or am I being a bit tinhat here? 😉

  • DesR85

    Nice set of accessories, but not interested. I already have a bluetooth earpiece which is pretty satisfactory for me to receive incoming calls when I’m driving. Don’t really use it to listen to music.

  • dragon

    the music of the advertisement is awesome. it would be great if anyone could gimme a link of that music