Are Nokia and Facebook up to Something? (Crazy Thoughts)

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Nokia and Facebook Announcing Something at CES? | Nokia Mobile Blog

So a link from Nokia promoting Facebooks CES event… Interesting? There have been multiple rumors and reports of a “Facebook phone” which FB have continuously shot down

FBs official response to the rumors: Facebook is not building a phone. Our approach has always been to make phones and apps more social

There have also been some third party attempts at making FB phones (HTCs ChaCha comes to mind, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one EVER!- Maybe it’s the name? or just the crappy build quality?); regardless one could say this is exactly what FB meant, Nokia builds the phone and they do some Exclusive app thigny.

Ok, I’m going to let the gears start spinning and say something crazy that has absolutely no basis so turn back now if you want something with proof leave now (please don’t I spent alot of time writing this).

The facts:

  • Facebook will NOT be making a hardware phone
  • Nokia have freedom to customize WP more than any other manufacturer
  • WP is supposedly built around being more social (people hub and all) –> it’s one step closer to a FB friendly platform
  • A Facebook centered device is that something special that would make one standout amongst other devices running on the same platform.

So using my Sherlock Holmes like skills of deduction (who’s birthday is today! Happy Birthday Holmesy!!) My crazy guess would be that FB teamed up with Nokia to produce a Facebook centered Skinned version of WP (that’s where Nokias special relationship with Microsoft would come in).

Now that I’ve written it down it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore, almost all reviews of the Lumia 710 said that it needed that X-Factor to distinguish it from the rest, and so far from the leaked specs of the 900 it also seems to lack that special something (Internal-wise not design); after all almost all WP devices have the same inards, meaning so far the only REAL differentiating factor were Manufacturer preference (not Nokias strong suite in the US) and Design (thankfully Nokia got that part handsdown). By adding something besides that design that can only be found on a Nokia phone would truly give them an edge over any other WP device, as a matter of fact it would give them an edge over any other OS (It took FB almost two years to release a Tablet version of their app for the iPad, which was considering an achievement- imagine a whole phone with constant FB support!). Of course so far they’re have only been whispers about a second device that is to possibly be released at CES: The Lumia 719, could it be a FB phone? (it would make sense considering that a FB phone would HAVE to be a midrange device and not a high-end flagship).

Ok crazy speculations are done now- Normal service is resumed, now the sensible part of my brain says that everything I wrote above is almost impossible, for two main reasons: 1)- FB is a Ginormous business with loads of employees, we would have heard something of this before 2)- What would compel FB to join up with Nokia? (what would they benefit??)

Your thoughts are as always extremely welcome, am I crazy?? let me know below (include psychiatrist number please)

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