Video: Nokia Smarterphone UI demoes. They look darn good for Ãœber-Budget non-smartphone.

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Just after the 303 post, it got me thinking, “what does smarterphone OS, (Nokia’s new purchase for $25-$75 handsets), look like”.

Quick search on the Y-tubes finds some hands on for you to look at. Please note they may be older versions. I think these videos are from the official channel. They’ve only got about 30-300 views each, so relatively unknown I guess.


Impressively, this can pull in facebook contacts. You can do this one by one or all at the same time. Whilst not everyone will use facebook, nor have all their contacts on facebook, I think it’s critical to keep up with the times and be social. Facebook is the biggest social network, in the UK alone more time is spent on facebook than any of the other top 5-10 sites combined. It’s huge pretty much everywhere else too, so being able to take advantage of that is a great thing.


Look how smooth the darn scrolling is on their facebook app. Er, Nokia Social say what?

Facebook Upload

Media and Internet.

Scrolling in gallery very smooth. You can share pictures to facebook directly from gallery. YouTube playback from browser via player. Music player looks pretty nice too.

Considering where this phone is aimed at, I’m rather impressed by how it looks in its current state. I don’t know how it will look when Nokia’s done with it, what additions it may have, what it could bring with Qt apps perhaps.

BTW, what is this phone?

General UI demo

Interesting Fan menu system there, or ‘radial’.

Phone looks like a HTC in this video. Or an old Nokia. (Thanks folks, it’s a kyocera).

Update: Seems Smartphone OS was last updated in October to 3.2 which lists:

– MultiSIM. It makes possible to use more than one SIM card.
– BiDi. This feature adds support for bidirectional writting. Necessary in languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

The software has also turned even more social, with many improvements to Facebook integration like:

– Video upload support.
– Better support for comments and status.
– Use pictures of friends in the address book.
– Posting of pictures.
– Chat.

We have not forgotten about Twitter and we made it easier to use.
Support for uploading videos to Youtube has been added.

Usability improvements

– Geonames integration in Worldclock and Weather.
– Better datetime picker.
– Conversational Messaging.
– Cut’n’Paste.

UI improvements

– New screen transition effects.
– Configurable Widget bar (on left, or right, top or bottom).
– Idle screen desktop shortcuts.
– Scrollable wide desktop with background parallax effect.

There are many changes users won’t directly see, but they will feel them.
I am of course speaking about performance. The software is noticibly faster and has a smaller memory footprint.


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