Nokia Lumia 110 Windows Phone Concept

| January 9, 2012 | 28 Replies

Aikon171 tipped this image in of a photoshopped work called the Nokia Lumia 110. Pretty good job who ever made this.


It’s a very basic Nokia Windows Phone. Do you think it could work on a screen as small as this? Perhaps a magnifying glass should be bundled to read the text (though the titles would still be readable).


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  • Keizka

    That phone seems very familiar somehow. Probably used an older model from Nokia.

    Even then, if Tango really lowers the spec requirements, it’s not entirely impossible to see Lumia 5xx devices..?

  • buzzinga / jody

    it looked to me like the old clamshell type phones from nokia or somesung(?)XD, only this time you cant open it XD

  • KF

    1600 successor??? πŸ˜›

  • NVT pulse

    Nokia 1111i windows phone
    -5.0mpx camera
    -ARM cortex A8 800Mhz
    -240*400 TFT screen resolutions
    -384MB RAM .512MB ROM
    -Windows phone Tango

  • andres

    I want to know how the user could type something on this phone. On that tiny screen, using the virtual keyboard would be very difficult or impossible.

    • Keizka

      One couldn’t, unless they implement a form of touchscreen T9.

  • Bharat Justa

    Nah! Cheap Nokia WP tango devices will be like Nokia 5233&5230. They have got a big 3.2inch nHD screen and the price is low. 320*240, 480*320 fells a lot like low end Android devices. And what would they have? 800 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and no internal memory? Even Nokia 500 has better specs. (no GPU though)

  • Bharat Justa


  • DesR85

    Had me rolling on the floor with laughter when I looked at that render. I’m sure no designer will be that stupid to use it for a budget phone in the Lumia line. πŸ˜€

  • troll

    I think there is a limit to how low the specs of a WP7 device (or symbian and meego for that matter)can go. I doubt it will ever be that small or that cheap.

    maybe thats why the new linux os is needed.

    building from the ground up to be cheap might not be such a bad thing. Look at ARM.

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  • the game

    and if add it a slider keyboard

  • dsmobile

    That UI and specially the qwerty keyboard will not work well on small screen also windows phone have small font in their hidden menu’s. T9 is must for small screen.

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  • Heron

    I guess it should be called anything other than Lumia.

  • Marc Aurel

    The current Series 30 devices (1000/C1/X1/100 series) have something like 200 MHz CPUs and 8 MB of memory. I don’t know exactly since Nokia does not release the specs, but it’s something like that. I am not sure how low end specs Tango will actually enable, but probably not lower than 600 MHz / 256 MB. Also nHD or HVGA is probably the lowest resolution Metro UI can made to work with. So it’s possible that we will see a Lumia 510 in 2012, but certainly not a Lumia 110. Perhaps in 2020, if the Lumia line succeeds…

    And the design is ridiculous for a pure touch phone. It’s nice people keep doing these concepts, but this one is neither realistic nor appealing to the eye.

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  • FireDragon

    Haha, well some great work designer did with this rendering. Unlike others I am seeing it as big as let say Lumia 710? Now that makes the screen larger. This also makes the design pretty neat too, but larger than Lumia 710.

    It is interesting to see how most of us instantly think this set will be as smaller as the original model. πŸ™‚ All right I know the big Nokia brand on top of the screen is confirming it but still.

  • Alex Beep

    Really cool photoshop πŸ™‚

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