Fake Steve Jobs, Dan Lyons, “Nokia Lumia 900 Boasts Sleeker, More Modern Design Than Apple iPhone”

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Looking around the web there has actually been a surprisingly positive reaction to the new Nokia Lumia 900 despite the dismay of some ‘fans’ of it not immediately being the front runner on paper.

But let’s not forget that what Nokia has put together no not remarkably different from the 800, completes it and brings it to the US. After using the Lumia 800 to wow American media, especially the American bloggers in Nokia design, Nokia brings over the Lumia 900 that has the same appeal, but with a bigger non-pentile screen and that front facing camera that a lot of people were pointing out as the main negative of the phone (which is pretty good considering what else they could have complained about, no?).

Whilst some love the Lumia 900 design, some were dismayed that it looks like a bigger Nokia Lumia 800. Well, given that that’s a popular design, that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing Nokia is building on a successful design, that it is building brand recognition and reputation on that much loved design that is winning over even Nokia’s harshest critics. To the point that amazingly, they have all pretty much preferred

it over the iPhone, an incredible feat. Yes, I’d like there to be minimal space wasting at top and bottom, slimmer, etc, but as of right now this design is working and again the media are liking the design.

Dan Lyons, famously known for being the Fake Steve Jobs, calls the Nokia Lumia 900 to “Boasts Sleeker, More Modern Design Than Apple iPhone”. This after having tried the Lumia 800, falling in love with the design and seeing the same in the 900.

Indeed, when it comes to design, the new Nokia flagship devices have arguably leapfrogged past Apple, the company known for its cutting-edge design.

Design, build, they’re still very important characteristics that these guys seem to think is great on the Lumia 900. Let’s not forget that many of these folks already like Windows Phone. What’s not to like about another mash of great hardware and great software?

Great hardware that isn’t just great on paper. Something that can’t be appreciated so easily such as those deep clear blacks or the solidness of the industrial design, or the sleekness of those lines, the overall usefulness of something like people hubs and Nokia maps, the stability, reliability, speed of operation that the browser is great, email is awesome, the keyboard is epic and the phone never slows down the more you use it, the more apps you bog it down with or the more content you shove into the phone. It might be missing X, or it might be missing Y, and it certainly doesn’t have Z, but to the core it has it’s A,B,C done wonderfully and the good thing for Nokia is that the general consumer seems to be happy with that. They just got to get the marketing (another rant altogether…here’s a couple of that left in comments. 1, 2). Overall this phone will have a very high, positive user experience and it will appear on the second largest American mobile netwok, AT&T. That’s a pretty good recipe for Nokia no?


Here’s some reactions from the web. Surprisingly this one compiled by Nokia Conversations even includes doubtful ones:

These ones I saw Jason Black from Nokia Tweeting:

Farhad Manjoo tweeted:

The Lumia 900 is the first phone since the iPhone that I want without even touching it.

Chris Ziegler tweeted:

 I am buying the F out of the cyan @nokia lumia 900. you can quote me on that

All About Windows Phone also has a collection of reactions (some may be duplicates)

Cheers Alan for the tip!

[BTW, whilst the Nokia Lumia 900 can be seen as a great device, there is sooo much more work that Nokia needs to do. So much. As a first device to return to US on AT&T along with the 710 for T-Mobile, the user experience might just be enough. But there needs to be so much more done.]






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