TheVerge with Chris Weber: Nokia Lumia 900 coming outside of US later? More apps for Nokia Collection, Cyan Lumia 900 best looking phone says Ziegler

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Here’s a video with Nokia USA president, Chris Weber talking to Chris Ziegler from The Verge (who tweeted about buying the f* out of the Cyan Lumia 900 and here in video saying it’s the BEST LOOKING PHONE I’VE EVER SEEN).  There’s mention that the Nokia Lumia 900 coming first to the USA. So it’s going elsewhere too. As Nokia’s portfolio expands in the US, we’re told to obviously expect the same things globally. Well that’s good to hear. I know it might sound ‘obvious’ but we can’t guarantee what Nokia does. Perhaps a version of the 900 will come, without LTE where LTE is not even available? e.g. 901 or 910? It’s a very nice change for the US where before, Nokia’s top end smartphones came to Europe and Asia first with North America neglected many months later. You could say that yes, in a away it happened again since some 6 European countries got it first, but only the US now has Nokia’s top Lumia for now.

Carriers: Myopically focused on operators.

I’ve noticed some comments complaining about the carrier subsidies in the US. Well that’s how they work over there and in the UK at least and pretty much in all countries where you get contracts for phones (i.e. when on a contract, the price of your phone is lowered and offset by the monthly payments for calls/text/internet).

For phones to have any chance of success, they need support from the operators. With unlocked, Weber notes a loss of support in marketing, retail presence (see pics below) and carrier subsidy so it’s harder to compete on price points in this market.

Mango to Apollo

Weber notes that Mango was pretty much done when they came in thus can’t put so much input in it as say, moving forward from Mango which is Tango and more likely Apollo.

Design styles:

Nokia has many design languages though not in double digits to create head turning designs for consumers.

  • LTE high priority for Nokia
  • Would put performance of this single core against other dual core. Fast, responsive, incredible.
  • 1830mAh battery, so focus on content without worrying about recharging.
  • More apps to come either preloaded on Nokia Lumia or Nokia Collection at Marketplace
  • EA games 6 month exclusive to Nokia (6 months after now or after Lumia 900 is available? When are those apps coming?)
  • Some things unique for a period of time, some longer.
  • Tying the bow with smart-start. Nokia customer care person to go register on a website. When you want them to call, Nokia will help you set up and walk you through set up, tips and tricks perhaps.
  • Marketing message: focusing on the value of the device.


At the start of the interview he talks about the more prominent Lumia 710 placement at stores for T-Mobile USA.

Remember Viipottaja’s post on this with plenty of pictures in store? Also, Simo emailed us a couple of pictures of from a T-Mobile store. Given the lack of Nokia presence in the US, it’s great seeing a cohesive approach of TV ads, great store placements and of course, the phones available subsidised on carriers to the American consumer is actually given a Nokia as an option.



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